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Robot Dogs Are Coming Back And We're Having Serious Flashbacks

Do you remember the AIBO, a robot dog Sony first started selling in 1999? How about Poo-Chi, manufactered by Sega Toys that was released in 2000 and discontinued in 2002?

Hitting the toy market in the late 90s, robot dogs were all the rage. Everyone thought them to be top-end technology and they were certainly on many kid's wishlists for Christmas.

The Poo-Chi was one of the best virtual pets that everyone really wanted.

The AIBO was able to develop from a newborn puppy to an adult with a personality that was shaped by the interaction of their owners and surroundings.

And now they're back!

Sony is developing a robot dog with smart home capabilities and plans to unveil the new technology next month.

This device is meant to be the spiritual successor of the AIBO series of the robot dogs Sony released in the late 90's - with a few improvements, of course!

The new dog is said to feature improved movement and internet connectivity that will allow it to control your household appliances. This means that your pup can control your lights, washing machine and even thermostats.

The device can even learn new tricks and respond to your commands like a real pet dog.

Comments made by Sony chief executive Kazuo Hirai last year suggest the company also wants it to be “capable of forming an emotional bond with customers, and able to grow to inspire love and affection”, the Wall Street Journal adds.

Set to go on sale in the spring of 2018, it will be unveiled at a launch event next month.

The future is here, will you be bringing one of these upgraded retro pups into your home?

Source: The Verge / Independent / Sony