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20 Movies From The 90s That Still Make You Sob Uncontrollably

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Watching movies was the ultimate treat on a weekend. Our parents would let us help them pick out the best movies possible at Blockbuster and we would watch it all together. But as we got older, we didn't want to just rent whatever cartoon had come out that week. We wanted to watch something new and exciting.

We wanted our parents to think of us as young adults now. We weren't children, we were capable of understanding complicated emotions. The problem was, we were not ready for the levels of emotion these movies gave us.

I remember the first movie that made me cry to this day, and it still gets me teary eyed. It honestly feels like these movies were designed to destroy us. How many of these have you shed tears over?

1. 'The Lion King'

Mufasa death scene

Yes, technically it's a kid's movie, but you only think that because it's a Disney Cartoon. The plot is really just Hamlet and you'd never claim that was a kid's story, would you?

When Simba cries out for "Somebody...Anybody..." tears started streaming. I think it was probably the first movie that all of us remember breaking our hearts into a million pieces. They try to bring you back to life with a catchy song by two goofy pals, but let's be honest, you were already destroyed. There is no coming back.

2. 'Homeward Bound'

Shadow Stuck Homeward Bound
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I'm sorry, but if this movie doesn't make you cry you are either a robot or a monster. There is nothing more heartbreaking than a lost dog, okay maybe one thing, two lost dogs and a lost cat. All they want is to be with their kids, and it's just not fair that they can't be.

Sorry mom and dad, but you can't just abandon your pets at a farm with a stranger and assume that Shadow wouldn't find his family. The part that really killed me was right near the end, when Shadow falls in the hole and Chance tries to get him out and oh boy, I can't go into now because I will not survive.

3. 'Armageddon'

Armageddon Liv Tyler
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Hey Bruce, just come home okay? I know you've got to be the hero, but that's a really terrible moment and none of us enjoyed it. Please just come home safe and everything will be fine.

Poor Liv Tyler. She deserves so much better.

4. 'Backdraft'

Backdraft Kurt Russell
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Firefighters risk their lives every day, but when Kurt Russell doesn't make it out alive we all were weeping.

He didn't want to reveal the truth about the serial arsonist, but I guess we will find out the aftermath what happens when the sequel comes out.

5. 'The Shawshank Redemption'

Shawshank Redemption
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This movie goes through just such a roller coaster of emotions. But it's the absolute joy you experience when you find out that Andy is out and safe, and reunites with Red in Mexico like they planned.

6. 'Forrest Gump'

Forrest Gump
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We get it, Tom Hanks is a very good actor, but does he need to absolutely destroy us? At the end of this classic, when Forrest has to talk to Jenny's grave, literally everyone is in hysterical tears.

You barely even see him help Forrest Jr. onto the bus because your eyes are literally useless because they are too full of tears.

7. 'Ghost'

Ghost Goodbye
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No one can pretend like this movie didn't get them to tear up. Sure, you go into it thinking it's a crazy concept, but by the end when Sam says goodbye to Molly we are all reaching for a tissue.

8. '10 Things I Hate About You'

10 Things I Hate About You Poem
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I guess Shakespeare knows all about tragic stories, because this movie was inspired by another one of his stories and it absolutely melted our hearts. When Julia Styles recites her poem to the class and starts crying, we all cry along with her.

9. 'Little Women'

Little Women
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I mean, we all know what's going to happen, but it doesn't make it any easier. No one wants to see poor Beth die, but for some reason we all watched it anyways.

10. 'Titanic'

Titanic Jack and Rose
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It's not like we could have expected that this movie would have had a happy ending, but the fact of the matter was that the Titanic was going to sink no matter what, and poor Jack was the unlucky victim.

There is no real way that you can make a happy story out of the Titanic. Honestly, we were lucky that Rose made it out of there alive because in reality she probably wouldn't have survived. But as long as she never lets go, our heart will go on.

11. 'The Truman Show'

The Truman Show
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Jim Carrey was known for his comedic skills, but his dramatic chops got a real workout in The Truman Show.

Not only did this movie make us contemplate our existence in the world, but it made us sob like little babies. No one should have to live their entire lives as the character in a TV show without even knowing it. That's just not okay.

12. 'Fried Green Tomatoes'

Fried Green Tomatoes
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This movie was nominated for many awards, but honestly, just so many people die in this movie it's hard to keep up with. Why does it need to be so heartbreaking?

13. 'Steel Magnolias'

Steel Magnolias
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So there is a theme through all of these movies that basically was how much heartbreak can one person endure, but Steel Magnolias really raised the bar.

Seeing Shelby go into kidney failure after having her son is heartbreaking, but the transplant gives them hope. However when her body rejects the organ and she dies we are left all alone on this emotional roller coaster, wishing we could go back in time and have picked a different movie off of the shelf at Blockbuster.

14. 'Land Before Time'

Land Before Time
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Okay, I know, it's technically a kid's movie so you'd think it would be fine right? NOPE. Within the first few minutes of the movie you have to come to grips with the fact that Little Foot loses EVERYONE he's ever loved. All he has left is the leaf he was given and he treats that thing like it's a treasure.

It's so scary to watch these little babies try to fend off a fully grown T-Rex because they are just too little. This movie is so emotional, but it's really so so good.

15. 'Stepmom'

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No one really knows how to handle a divorce. Sure, there are a lot of ways that people tend to do it, but the important thing is to make sure the kids are happy. When Julia Roberts comes into the picture, getting together with Susan Surandon's ex, they clash at first. But a sudden diagnosis changes everything.

As Surandon's character gets sicker, she starts to help Robert's character become a better parent, and by the end they realize that they are all family, even if it's not the family they originally expected to have.

16. 'My Girl'

My Girl
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I'm sorry, but this poor boy and this poor girl didn't need this. They were perfectly happy until those stupid bees came along and ruined everything.

Obviously the phrase that'll still bring a tear to your eyes is "where are his glasses? He can't see without his glasses!" No one can watch that movie without crying for several minutes.

17. 'Schindler's List'

Schindler's List
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World World II was a horrific time for everyone, and looking back at it is really scary. This story in particular is so awful because he's trying to help but obviously he can't save everyone.

The guilt he feels is just so palpable, and even though many people were grateful for what he did, he didn't think he did enough.

18. 'The Green Mile'

The Green Mile
Warner Bros.

This movie really took you for a ride. At first, you think you know what's going on, but it just never feels right. When you find out the truth, it's absolutely heartbreaking. Poor John Coffey, he just wanted to help.

He was falsely accused of a crime that another prisoner committed, and even though he learns the truth he still says he wants to die because the world is too cruel of a place. I remember that my eyes actually hurt after I saw this movie.

I was so upset by it, and even more upset by knowing that while there is some magical elements to this movie, a lot of what happens isn't completely fictional. There are people all over the world falsely accused.

19. 'Philadelphia'

TriStar Pictures

Tom Hanks is just apparently put on this earth to make us all experience a lot of feelings. Whether he has us laughing in movies like Big, or Toy Story, it's obviously his work in these emotional movies that have made him America's favorite actor.

This movie really struck a chord with people because of all the concerns and publicity surrounding AIDS in the 90s. It was a disease that a lot of people had heard of, but never actually took the time to learn about.

The best way to get them to learn? Tom Hanks. Honestly, he could teach us about anything and we would listen. But his heartbreaking performance as Andrew Beckett truly tugged at our heartstrings.

20. 'The Sixth Sense'

The Sixth Sense
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Not only was this movie horrifying, but it was so emotional. Honestly, when I watch a horror movie I expect some jump scares and maybe some psychologically thrilling elements. What I don't expect is to have a full on mental break down while Haley Joel Osmund proves why he was everyone's favorite child star in the 90s.

His range was incredible for such a young boy, and I think it helped that none of us went into that movie expecting to have legitimate feelings that would make us cry. We wanted jump scares and twist endings, what we got was an emotional roller coaster.  

No matter which of these movies actually made you cry, the fact is, there were a lot to chose between. This isn't even all them! Let us know which ones we forgot!

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