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10 Movies That Completely Terrified You As A Kid, And Probably Still Do

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I know there were a lot of classic horror movies that came out when we were young, but you know what else there were? A whole bunch of movies disguised as these feel-good children's movies or cartoons that were safe for kids that ended up scarring us for life.

A lot of movies out there that had these sequences in them that haunted our nightmares, crossing our minds when we were trying to go to bed. Then there were others that gave us a grim realistic view of the mortality of us all, and let me tell you, we weren't ready.

Sure, they are technically kids movies, but as it turns out, some of us aren't as brave as we thought we were.

These movies were the ones that left more of an impression than our parents thought they would:

1. Little Nemo Adventures in Slumberland

I don't know if you remember this movie as well as I do, because for some reason a lot of kids weren't forced to watch it, but if you had been trying to block it from your mind, I'm sorry for reminding you.

This bizarre dream world had this horrifying black ooze that would swallow you up whole unless you could scream "Pajama, Pajama, Pajama!" enough times. Or at least that's what I remember of it, I think my brain is actively trying to repress it.

The black ooze was pretty scary though. Sure it was unlikely that it would attack us in the real world, but what if we slipped off to Slumberland in our dreams, huh? Then what!

2. The Witches

The story may have been from a kids book by Roald Dahl, and turned into a kids movie, but let me tell you, that witch's face was straight out of a nightmare of the bravest adult. I don't know how this was considered a kid's movie.

Also, the movie is literally about murdering children, so that's a bit heavy for those younger kids. Maybe we weren't supposed to watch it, but you know we all did.

3. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

As a whole, the movie is not scary. It's a bit creepy to think about the fact that Wonka is just allowing children in his dangerous factory, but the danger seems to come when they break the rules.

But there's one thing that happens in that movie that has freaked us all out for decades now, and I'm sure you know the scene I'm talking about: The spooky boat trip.

Hey Wonka, was that necessary? These kids were already reeling from the potential death of Augustus Gloop, but now you've got to scare them even more? That was just cruel, man.

4. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

I don't know about you, but the Child Catcher on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was a real freaky moment for me.

Roald Dahl strikes again, first with The Witches and now this, as Dahl actually co-wrote the script. It seems like his idea of what children enjoy is a lot more mature than what our little brains could handle. I guess he was trying to toughen us up.

5. Pinocchio

While Disney movies were supposed to be a safe bet for us to watch, the donkey transformation scene tended to freak out a lot of kids.

The thought of being turned into a donkey slave was pretty horrific, and honestly, it looked really painful and scary.

6. The Land Before Time

I know that dinosaurs are extinct and that there was a lot of intense stuff going on for them back in the good ol' days millions of years ago, but man, they had scary lives.

Not only was this one of the most heartbreaking movies that any of us could probably remember watching, but it also showed us just how scary that "Sharptooth" was.

But seriously, they made us watch Littlefoot lose all of his family, and then we almost have to watch all of Littlefoot's new friends die. Why does Don Bluth hate us so much?

7. Brave Little Toaster

I know an entire movie about a little toaster sounds strange enough, but it was the song called "Worthless" that broke everyone's heart.

The song is literally sung by cars at a dump that are being crushed and turned into tiny metal cubes. It's so freaky and really depressing, and while it's an upbeat tune, the words are kind of horrifying.

8. Jumanji

There's a lot going on in Jumanji that scared us as kids, and if we're being completely honest, still kind of does now.

While I know that my board games aren't going to release jungle animals into my house or turn me into a wolf, there's some tiny little part of my brain that doesn't seem to understand.

9. The Secret of NIMH

Excuse me, Don Bluth, who hurt you? Are you okay? I'm seriously worried about how dark and twisted all of your movies are.

This poor little mouse is already dealing with the loss of her husband when her son gets sick, and if she doesn't get their house to safety they will all die.

The story is horrifying enough, but then there is all the sabotaging and backstabbing, and it's all a lot for a little kid to take.

Watching that house sink into the mud is one of those memories that just never leaves you...

10. E.T.

It seems like E.T. is one that people either love completely or were totally freaked out by it. The little alien was creepy on his own, but I think it's the scene where he's dying that really got under everyone's skin.

No child should have to see that nonsense, It's too heartbreaking.

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What movies freaked you out when you were a kid?