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30 Toys From The Sears Wishbook We All Wanted Under Our Christmas Tree 30 Years Ago

Sears Wishbook - Wishbook Web

I think we can all agree that one of the best things to do while growing up was digging through the Sears Wishbook to try and make our Christmas lists.

It was around this time every year that we started to get really serious about it, even though Christmas was still a ways off. We obviously needed a lot of time to plan out our lists for Santa Claus, and we weren't about to make the same mistake as the year before and forget to send one!

The Wishbook was an important part of that and while it may not exist anymore it's still fun to reminisce about all the treasures we used to find.

Do you remember the toys you used to pick out? If you were making a Christmas list in 1988 chances are it was filled with these items!

Here are 30 of the most popular items from 30 years ago!

Talking Pee-Wee Herman Doll

I can still hear the laugh to this day.

See N' Speak

However, it seemed like if you dropped it once it no longer would point at the right animals.

Kitchen Playsets

We were all in such a rush to grow up and cook our own meals, now I would rather order take out 99% of the time.

Barbie and the Sensations

This new Barbie collection came with a tape of songs that you could learn to sing along with so you could annoy your family on road trips!

Baby Grows

The description of this doll is pretty crazy. It says "Baby Grows is as fun as two dolls in one! Just turn her special handle and watch her grow from a 14 1/2 in., 9-month-old infant to a 18 1/2 in., 4-year-old toddler. She even grows teeth!

TEETH. This doll is a tiny nightmare if you ask me...

Talking Cabbage Patch Doll

Because we never seem to let something cute stay that way, they gave Cabbage Patch Dolls a voice.

Cricket Doll

I don't fully understand why the "best" is in quotes... Is she an undercover spy? What's going on...

Alphie II

Alphie II was a pretty awesome little robot and made us feel like we were one of the Jetsons.

Speak & Spell

Any of these were great choices and while we all would have preferred a Nintendo, the fact that it was kind of a computer game was still great.


You couldn't go wrong with a big bucket of Lego - that is, until you forget to clean it up and you step on the pieces. Ouch.

Giant Piano Mat

Who didn't want to be like Tom Hanks?

Fisher-Price Tape Recorder

Who else used theirs to record their siblings when they were singing?

Table Hockey

For a lot of people, this was the only kind of hockey they wanted to play. Who wants to get all cold when you could instead just play with this in your house?

Board Games

Win, Lose, or Draw was big 30 years ago, Clue is always a classic, Double Trouble was always exciting, and of course you've got to have Monopoly.

Handheld Games

Road trips would never be the same.


The original gaming system that we were all obsessed with was the dream gift for basically everyone.




The movie Ghostbusters had already come out, but now we had the cartoon to watch as well. You know what that means: A whole bunch of merchandise we just had to have.

Micro Machines

How many tiny cars can you fit into one truck? Way more than you realized.

Little Tikes Red Car

A classic and important piece of our childhoods. An absolute requirement that we all spent hours and hours in.

Spring Rocking Horses

The first step to a lot of kids' horse obsessions was one of these springy horses. But watch your fingers, because those springs pinched really bad if you didn't pay attention!

Then there's this thing...

So, I don't technically know what he's called, but he's great and I like him a lot. He's like some kind of giraffe-alien-worm and I guess that's pretty cool.

Huffy Bike

Your childhood wasn't complete if you didn't have a super cool bike!

Barbie Dream Car

Sure, Barbie Jeeps were pretty neat, but this sports car was where the real action was at.

Character Sleeping Bags

You couldn't go to a sleepover without one, so you may as well get something awesome for Christmas!

Roller Skates

I still have scars on my knees from these bad boys...


If you wanted to really go crazy, you could get yourself a super cool skateboard.

Precious Moments

Precious Moments were one of those collectable-type-toys that your grandma would give you but you weren't supposed to actually play with it. Strictly for display purposes.

Cuddly Characters

Bert, Ernie, Strawberry Shortcake, and really any other popular character was available in a stuffed animal form that was perfect to snuggle up with for bed.

Cinderella on VHS

The pre-order we all were waiting for, only to drive our parents crazy with how many times we would watch this movie. I think the "Cinderelly" song still gives my mom goosebumps.

What was on your Christmas list 30 years ago?