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10 Weebles Playsets From Our Childhoods We Loved To Watch Wobble

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There were always toys when you were a kid that seemed to be more important than the rest. There were some that you couldn't go to bed without, there were others that you spent months begging your parents for, and then there were a few that were just staples, readily available where ever you went.

No matter which friends house you were at or doctor's office waiting room you were in, there were some that just seemed to be everywhere.

Weebles were one of the toys you would be mostly likely to find anywhere that toys were set up for kids. Whether you're in your own house, your grandma's house, your dentist's office, or in your kindergarten classroom, you couldn't avoid Weebles.

They've been around for decades, and it seems like no matter what, they continue to get brought along, redesigned for new generations.

While we cannot possibly forget their catchphrase of "Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down," a lot of us may have forgotten about some of our favorite Weebles sets.

In the nearly 50 years since their launch, Weebles have gone through quite the transformation, but let's go back to the beginning and remember some of the best of the best.

When Weebles first started, they were created by Romper Room, and were direct competition with Fisher Price's Little People collection.

The little figures all had rounded bottoms, making them wobble around as kids played with them and children seemed to love the wiggly little egg shapes.

Eventually they were bought out by Playskool, who continues to make new sets to this day, but it's the ones from our childhood that we still love.

Weebles West Ranch House

The tiny ranch was great because not only did you have a little family to play with, there were also horses and a wagon!

Look how cute it is! It's so perfect!

Mickey Mouse Club House

The Mickey Mouse Club was one of the biggest shows on TV, and the Weebles had a playset that let you bring them home and enjoy the adorable little house to wobble around in.

You got to have two little characters, Billy and Karen, to play with, and obviously they needed their Mickey ears!

Winnie the Pooh Playhouse

Winnie the Pooh and the other characters of the Hundred Acre Wood were in all of our homes in one way or another, but the Weebles Playhouse set is an absolute classic.

You've got Tigger, Christopher Robin, and of course Winnie the Pooh, all ready to hang out.

Weebles Tree House

Obviously having a tree house in the real world was a huge deal, but if you could also have a Weebles tree house, you were truly living the dream.

Weebles Baby Crib

The 90s saw a different look for the Weebles, looking a little bit more like the Fisher Price's Little People. But they were still some of the most popular toys around.

Weebles Play House

The classic playhouse made in 1989 is one we all recognize. The little balconies and the cart were such awesome things to wobble around in.

Haunted House

The Weebles Haunted House was the perfect spooky toy for kids. Watch out for the ghost though, he may wobble right at you!

Pirate Ship

Pirates never seem to go out of style. It seems like they are always going to be a popular toy, no matter what decade we're in.


This little pilot is ready to fly, giving away blimp rides for only five cents! What a deal!

Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom set was extra awesome because it had its own little rollercoaster for your Weebles to ride on.

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Do you remember playing with Weebles when you were a kid?