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15 Shoes Every Girl Proudly Wore in The 90s, Even Though We Shouldn't Have

I don't have to remind you that we made very questionable fashion choices while growing up, but I will. I mean, have you actually thought about how much chunky and clunky footwear we wore throughout the 90s?  

Anyway, now that our fashion faux-pas filled days are behind us, it's actually nice to look back and get nostalgic.

Here are 15 shoes that every tween and teen girl wore back in the 90s:

1. Platform shoes


For those of us who were old enough to wear heels, these Spice Girls-inspired platform shoes were all the rage, especially the rainbow colored ones.

2. Doc Marten Boots


Admit it, you went through a grunge phase and wore Doc Marten combat-style boots to match the rest of your look.

3. Sugar Floaties

The Daily Buzz

Why settle for regular flip flops when you could rock a pair of soft and squishy Sugar Floaties in your favorite color?

4. Steve Madden slip-ons


Remember how much noise these shoes made every time you walked? The sound of the shoe hitting the bottom of your foot isn't something you easily forget.  

5. Holographic Plastic Heels


You didn't have to work at a club to wear these holographic plastic heels, they were super trendy.

6. Mesh Chinese slippers


The slippers came in ever color of the rainbow, and we wore them with pride in public whenever we could.

7. Jelly Sandals


You were one of the cool girls whenever you rocked these translucent shoes back in third grade.

8. Chinese Laundry flip flops


Do you ever wonder why everyone was so in love with these shoes? I mean, they were lined with the same material as a straw hat.

9. Chunky Heel Clogs


This was one trend that didn't need to happen, but it did anyway, and we've chosen to forget about it, until now.

10. Adidas sports sandals


So these were actually meant to be worn to the bathroom, at the pool, or maybe around the gym change rooms, but us 90s kids thought it'd be cool to wear them socks whenever we pleased, even on cold days.

11. Fluevogs

For many girls, their Fluevog shoes were some of their most prized possessions, and only saw the light of day on very special occasions.

12. Skechers platform sneakers


Sneakers are meant for activities like walking and running, but we all knew better than to even attempt to jog in these a̶n̶k̶l̶e̶ ̶b̶r̶e̶a̶k̶e̶r̶s̶  sky-high Skechers.

13. Strappy Heels

Wishful Amy Vintage

You're a true 90s girl if you owned a pair of these strappy sandals with a chunky heel. Bonus points if you wore yours to prom with a spaghetti strap silk dress.

14. Platform loafers


We struggled with the concept of in-between back in the 90s, we either wore flat sandals with no arch support or shoes so high you risk breaking a bone every time you put them on.

15. Heelys

Style Guru

Just when we thought footwear couldn't get any worse after the 90s, Heelys, a platform sneaker with wheels, made its debut in 2000.

Which one of these shoes did you own? Let us know!