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4 Facts About SisQo That Have Dumps Like A Truck (Truck, Truck)

You may remember this all-American R&B rapper from a multitude of songs and flashy outfits that popularized the rapper from Maryland.

Perhaps it was his eccentric personality that gave him an unprecedented rise to stardom, and it may have been the same quirks that let him fall away from the limelight only a few years later.

However you remember the infamous SisQo, here are the things you should know about the multi-platinum singer-songwriter who continues to perform at the young age of 39.

His Name

'SisQo', was actually born Mark Althavean Andrews, in the suburban neighborhoods of Baltimore, Maryland. He was involved in the local music scene for years, where he met many of his early contemporaries. But in order to survive, he had to do an honest day's work...

He Used To Work At A Fudge Shop

Before he skyrocketed to radios across the country, the aspiring superstar had to make his paychecks by working at fudge emporium, The Fudgery. While it kept him grounded, he never forgot his dreams, and the lifestyle it would entail.

The question everyone wants to know is; where is he now?

No Stranger To The Big Screen

Despite his claim to fame via the music industry and his flamboyant style, SisQo has made a name for himself through other forms of media as well.

He played supporting roles in movies like Get Over It and Snow Dogs with Cuba Gooding Jr. and had appearances on reality TV game shows like Gone Country or Celebrity Big Brother 2010 in the UK.

Family Man

SisQo currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his girlfriend Micah Peirce with their two children, daughter Shaione and his son Ryu.

SisQo is still creating and performing music, with an upcoming solo tour for 2018. Now, here's the video that set off his career!

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