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A 'Sister, Sister' Reboot Is Happening And We Couldn't Be More Excited

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January isn’t even over, but 2018 is destined to be the best year of the decade.

Why? Because there has been official confirmation that a Sister, Sister reboot is in the works.

After an onslaught of 90s shows have been given the revival treatment, it was only time for this widely popular sitcom to follow suit.

Even Tia Mowry joined in on the speculation on when the cast and crew would finally reunite, chalking it all down to finding the right people to run the show.

“We’re looking, right now, for a producer and a writer, someone who can kind of be a leader of the pack in regards to running the show,” Mowry told Nylon in May 2017. “I thought people would kind of be jumping on it, but it’s a lot harder than my sister and I thought it would be. Everything in my career has always been a challenge.”

It looks the revival found its creative team, because one of the show’s former stars made an exciting announcement.

Ever since leaving the small screen in 1999, Sister, Sister fans have been hoping for the day the series would be rebooted.

Sister, Sister centered around two teenagers who discovered they're twins separated at birth, after running into each other at the mall. Their respective adoptive parents decide to raise their daughters under one roof, ensuring six seasons of comical hijinks and mishaps.

Now, Jackée Harry, who played Tia Mowry's adoptive mother Lisa on the series, has confirmed that the reboot is officially in the works.

“Yeah, it’s happening. I’m excited,” Harry said in an interview with Steve Harvey. “Tia and Tamara [Mowry] are my babies. They won’t leave me alone. I can’t get rid of none of these women!”

While a premiere date hasn’t been set, and there very little details (so far) to go off of, we can’t wait to see what crazy adventures lies for our favorite 90s twins.

Are you excited to watch the Sister, Sister reboot?