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Someone Made The Jumanji Board And It Will Make You Wish You Could Play For Real

Steven Richter

Just in case you needed a reminder today that there are people infinitely more talented than you in the world, here comes Steven Richter.

Richter is a Youtuber who does all sorts of different videos. He initially focused on movie edits, with often pretty hilarious results! Take this interpretation of a scene from Batman Begins as an example.

Or even this take on the final scene of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Recently though, Richter has been creating videos of his woodworking hobby. He manages to build some pretty interesting things out of wood and blades, including a replica of an M.C. Escher cube!

However, his latest project has caught the internet's attention in a big way; it's a full replica of the board game Jumanji from the movie of the same name!

Seriously, you need to see this thing...

Through a really impressive time-lapse video on his channel, Richter shows off the extremely meticulous and complicated process he went through to build the game. It's all done by hand, and he even adds magnets onto the playing pieces so they land standing up; just like in the movie!


The man even has an Etsy shop where you can buy custom Jumanji pieces for yourself! They're pretty expensive, but given they're hand-made, I'd say you probably need them if you're a huge fan of the movie.

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