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You Remember Her From "That Movie, I Think" But Where Did Tabitha Lupien End Up?

She was only four years old when she got her big break, but this Canadian actress managed to become one of the most famous faces for a very short while. She is even a meme online!

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Tabitha Lupien was chosen to star in the final film in the Look Who's Talking trilogy and play Julie Ubriacco, the daughter of none other than John Travolta and Kirstie Alley.

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The final installment welcomed dogs to the cast, who obviously could talk to each other now that there were no more talking babies to deal with.

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After making her debut in the amazing film, she went on to play the most memorable kid in The Santa Clause who called out Tim Allen for being Santa before he was ready to come to terms with his new identity.

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But where did she go after that? Did she ever get those ballet slippers?

After helping Santa accept his fate, Lupien went on to work with another comedy legend: Leslie Nielsen. The young actress stared alongside the icon in Rent-A-Kid, a movie about lending out kids from an orphanage so prospective parents can see if they want to keep the children long-term. Sounds like a great plot right?

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She would have a few parts here and there, including a guest spot on Goosebumps and the show Ready of Not, but then she took a long break.

She didn't do any movies or TV shows between 1997 and 2007, but when she came back, she took a role in the movie musical Hairspray where she played Becky, one of the "nicest kids in town" who was on the show that the main character wanted to join.

But since then, she has once again stepped out of the spotlight to focus on other things. Most importantly, she has been focusing on her dance career.

Her parents own a studio called The Canadian Dance Company where she works as a core member of the team. She has spent most of her life there in one aspect or another, whether she was taking classes or teaching them, and continues to train.

She is a trained in ballet, tap, and jazz, and has recently celebrated her tenth anniversary as a professional teacher.

Hard to believe she's the same little girl who was obsessed with Charles Barkley isn't it?

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