7 Things About The Fifth Element That'll Make You Reach For Your Multipass

Very few movies manage to reach true cult classic status. There are movies like Empire Records, Pulp Fiction, and Rocky Horror Picture Show, but there are a lot more movies that get made that never achieve that unique status. The Fifth Element has a complicated history with the title of "cult classic," because while a lot of people consider it one of the best sci-fi movies ever, a lot of people claim it's the worst. Some people say it's "so bad it's good" while others just love it unironically. But there are a lot of things that went on behind


6 Facts About 'The Sixth Sense' That Won't Make You See Dead People. Probably.

We all saw dead people in the summer of 1999, thanks to M. Night Shymalan's story about eight-year-old Cole Sear. Captivating audiences, The Sixth Sense became the highest grossing movie of the year next to Star Wars. It was nominated for six Academy Awards, which was an accomplishment for a thriller/horror movie. You can only expect that there are some twisted facts surrounding this iconic movie of the time. 1. The Disney executive that bought the script was fired because of it. When David Vogel, the then-president of Walt Disney Studios, bought the rights to The Sixth Sense, and


5 Actors Who Made Way Too Much Money From A Single Movie

Tom Hanks is one of those actors who everyone loves. Honestly, try to think of a single person who doesn't think he is the absolute greatest... You can't. They don't exist. Tom Hanks is an amazing actor and from all accounts sounds like he is an amazing person as well. WikipediaOne of the most interesting things about him is how he managed to become the huge star that he is, and more importantly, how he made all that money. He made a bunch of hit movies, that's pretty obvious, but it's how he set up his pay structure that ended

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There's A Weird Rumor That Bruce Willis Was Forced To Be On 'Friends'

Friends was one of the most popular shows of the 90s. The show was loved by millions and aired for 10 years, helping to make all the stars household names. NBCOne of the best things about Friends was that they had so many guest stars. Each season had some huge names come and join the cast for a few special episodes. Sometimes they would appear as themselves but a lot of the time they would play a character.Some really big names came to Central Perk over the years, including Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Tom Selleck, Susan Surandon, Brad Pitt


Rumor Has It That Bruce Willis Forced A Movie To Go Over Budget Because Of His Hair

We all have those things that we tend to obsess over. Whether it's our bodies, our skin, or even our hair, there are just some things we are sensitive about. The thing is, actors have enough money and power to make those little concerns disappear, at least according to the rumors.There is a really prominent rumor that is pretty hilarious about Bruce Willis and his hairline, which caused quite the fuss. TriStar PicturesThe movie in question was called Hudson Hawk and while it was a critical flop that no one seems to remember, it is still the basis for