Tarantino Responds To Accusations That He Was Responsible For "Kill Bill" Crash

When Uma Thurman went public with her experience of abuse at the hands of Harvey Weinstein, fans were there for her to offer support and praise for sharing her story. However, legions were shocked when they heard Thurman claim that director and former friend to the actress, Quentin Tarantino, had placed her into a dangerous situation that ultimately left her permanently injured. Consequences Of SoundThurman went into detail about her personal struggle to continue in the industry after the disgraced Weinstein attempted to force himself on her in his hotel room, and having to keep working alongside him. She also


20 Iconic Cars You Were Obsessed With As A Kid And Absolutely Wished You Could Drive

Watching TV as a kid it was easy to realize one simple thing: Cars were pretty important. It seemed like so many of our favorite TV shows and movies had a car that we immediately became obsessed with. How many of these iconic cars do you remember? 1. Fred Flintstone's CarABC2. George Jetson's Space CarABC3. BatmobileWarner Bros. 4. Homer Simpson's CarFox5. The DeLoreanUniversal Pictures6. Cher's JeepParamount PIctures7. Mr. Bean's CarITV8. The A-Team VanNBC9. KITTNBC10. Mystery MachineHanna-Barbera ProductionsThere are even more iconic cars to remember! Click to the next page to see the rest.11. Herbie the LovebugDisney-ABC12. Ghostbusters Ecto 1


Here's Why No Toy Could Inspire More Jealousy Than A Barbie Power Wheels Jeep

There is no better feeling than getting onto the open road and feeling the wind in your hair. Some of us had to settle for running or biking, but there were a select few who got to experience the true glory that was the Power Wheels Barbie Jeep and they are some of the luckiest people in the world. As someone who did not have one, it's hard to truly know just how amazing they were. The kids who were the "chosen ones" got to be the first of their friends to learn how to drive, they got their own


A New Business Is Bringing Back The Drive-In With A Modern Twist

If you're old enough to remember going to a drive-in theater, you know there's no better way to see a movie. The experience of parking your car, grabbing popcorn from the food stand, hooking up your speaker and watching a movie under the stars is unbeatable.But a new company in Nashville is planning to let you do all that and more, and it's set to open later this year.August Moon is an indoor drive-in theater contained under a massive dome. You park your car outside, then head inside to find a 1960s-themed "drive-in" complete with chairs that look