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Here's Why No Toy Could Inspire More Jealousy Than A Barbie Power Wheels Jeep

There is no better feeling than getting onto the open road and feeling the wind in your hair. Some of us had to settle for running or biking, but there were a select few who got to experience the true glory that was the Power Wheels Barbie Jeep and they are some of the luckiest people in the world.

As someone who did not have one, it's hard to truly know just how amazing they were. The kids who were the "chosen ones" got to be the first of their friends to learn how to drive, they got their own car phone, and obviously they just looked the coolest of all.

The "Power Wheels Super Talk Barbie Beach Patrol Jeep" had a long name but according to the ad, Fisher Price says they "built it for mile after mile of backyard fun"! There is a lot to take in, so let's go through it point by point and let you know what you were getting with your fancy vehicle.

What's Included?

- So the Jeep's big selling point was the Super Talk telephone that had 100,000 different phrases! So exciting! Car phones really were all the rage

- It had authentic Barbie decals on the Jeep - ooh la la!

- It had a pink canopy roll-bar (you know, just in case things got a little crazy while off-roading)

- Two pink seatbelts, because safety is Barbie's main priority

- It even had working windshield wipers!

- A hood AND tail gate that open and close with realistic hood latches

- It also has a fancy dashboard including a key with a "photo-real" Barbie key chain

- Pretend headlights complete with purple grill and bumper

- Four pink tires with white wheels

- High purple backrests specifically described so you know you are in for "comfortable cruisin'"

Important Specs:

Well this beast of a vehicle can go between 2.5 - 5.0 mph forward and 2.5 mph in reverse. It works on hard surfaces, grass and even hills! Talk about value!

It even has brakes! Wowsers, they thought of everything! Apparently there was a "Power Lock" that stopped kids from reaching the top speed but I don't know if anyone used that...

Given the amount of mishaps you see it's easy to assume that no one really cared about that specific safety feature. These little cars are still being made today, just in different versions and color combinations. The novelty of a "car phone" has likely worn off but there are a lot of other options they could try to put in there instead!

Did you have one of these as a kid or were you like me and were just super jealous of everyone who did?