"Little Star" Was The Weirdest Show You Probably Don't Remember

Growing up, we had a lot of kids show to watch. Some great, some not so great. One of those "not so great" shows was something called Little Star. It was an...odd...mix of both animation and terrifying puppets. The opening credits take you through space, where the planets are actually fruit? And a dog? Because that's OBVIOUSLY what happens in space. Even on IMDB there's limited information on this show. "The heroes live on "Mimosa", a beautiful well-equipped space station that travels through the galaxy. Little Star is a charming fairy space that follows a cheerful team during


Do You Remember The Big Comfy Couch Clock Stretch?

"Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready to clown around? With Lunette and Molly, a clown and her dolly, on the BIG. COMFY. COUCH."Once you heard those words coming from the TV, it was time for everyone in the house to shut up so you could watch your favorite show.Lunette was many things, but subtle was not one of them. If she did something, she did it BIG. Which is probably why she chose to stretch every morning on a giant clock rug. Who cares why she did it, though? Odds are, I was on the


18 Times ER Ripped Your Heart Out And Stomped On It

I don't think I've ever encountered a person who has never seen an episode of ER. Even if they've only seen one or two episodes, most people can give you a basic rundown of the characters. The show was on for 15 seasons and, in my extremely humble opinion, was the best thing to ever happen to TV, bar none. It had romance, comedy, drama, suspense, and straight up tragedy. I'm not ashamed to say I ugly cried at least once per season. It's like the writers specifically set out to hurt us. To this day, I don't understand how


Patrick Dempsey Is Aging Like Fine Wine

Patrick Dempsey is just...he's just so so great. The actor got his start in the 80s classic, Can't Buy Me Love. Who didn't want to ride off with Patrick Dempsey on that lawnmower? He was just so flippin' charming. Dempsey became known for his perfect hair and his equally perfect dimples and his even MORE perfect baby blue eyes. In the 80s he was considered heart-throb royalty.Then in 2005 he starred as Derek Shepherd in the long-running Grey's Anatomy. He earned the nickname McDreamy among show characters, as well as fans. He was handsome at both points in


Ed Sheeran Covers This Iconic Song And People Are Unsure What To Do With Themselves

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air is possibly the most iconic TV show to come from the 90s? It launched Will Smith's career and is still watched religiously today. What's even more iconic about it is the theme song. Any 90s kid can rhyme it off no hesitation. 90s baby Ed Sheeran is no different. The wildly talented ginger musician was on The Capital Evening Show in the UK, promoting his new music that was just released. A fan called in and asked Sheeran to sing the Fresh Prince theme and he obliged. At first Ed looks like he's hesitant, but


You Can Now Get Aaliyah's Greatest Hits On iTunes

In August 2001, we lost singer, model, dancer, actress, and all around wonderful person Aaliyah.The R&B songstress was signed to a record deal at the age of 12 and released her first album at the age of 14. The album, Age Ain't Nothing But A Number, sold 74,000 copies in its first week. Aaliyah would go on to have a promising career, with four albums and a movie gig under her belt before her death. She also had a secret (and illegal) marriage to R. Kelly at age 15, but we digress. Tragically, Aaliyah was killed in


Here's Your First Look At Joseph Fiennes As Michael Jackson

So...this is a real thing. About a year ago, Sky Arts announced that Joseph Fiennes (a white man) would be playing Michael Jackson (a black man) in a new series called Urban Myths. People were legitimately upset, understandably confused how a white man would be taking on this role. But Fiennes, who is a well-credited actor, didn't see any issues with a white man playing the role. "[Jackson] definitely had an issue – a pigmentation issue – and that's something I do believe," he told Entertainment Tonight. "He was probably closer to my color than his original color."But Fiennes did


Can You Name All The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Characters?

Do you think you have what it takes to sit on your throne as Prince of Bel Air Trivia master? The 90s sitcom was iconic for our generation, giving us a new spin on what family and life look like. But how well do you ACTUALLY remember all the characters from this show? Take this Fresh Prince of Bel Air quiz to see if you can get all 20 correct. It's harder than you may think...


How Well Do You Remember "My Girl" 25 Years Later?

Yep, you read that right. It has been 25 years (almost 26!) since the movie "My Girl" came out! 25 years since our hearts were torn to pieces, stomped on, spit on, then set on fire. 25 years since we all were in love with Macaulay Culkin before he dated Mila Kunis for 9 years. 25 years since we all became mad at bees because how could they do that to Thomas J.???So how well do you remember this iconic 90s movie? Take the quiz and find out!


11 Facts About David Bowie You Probably Didn't Know

Almost a year ago to the day, we lost music legend and all around wonderful human David Bowie. He silently battled cancer, saying he "wanted to go without any fuss." Bowie was an inspiration for people everywhere who were a little different. He showed the world how being eccentric and just being yourself was absolutely fine. The Grammy and Emmy winner was not ashamed to be whoever he wanted, regardless of the public opinion. But as much as we want to believe we knew David Bowie, there are some facts about him that not many people know. Check out this