10 Things You Never Knew About Burt Reynolds

The words "living legend" are thrown around a lot these days, but we say Burt Reynolds definitely qualifies for that description. Reynolds' career has spanned 6 decades and he's still working to this day. By the time he starred in his most famous role, one of the city slickers from Deliverance, he had already been a working actor for 10 years. After that he still had roles in films like Smokey and the Bandit, The Longest Yard and Boogie Nights to look forward to. If you've loved any of those films, you'll be interested in these 10 interesting facts about


26 Pictures Everyone From The 90s Will Remember

A picture is worth 1000 words. A picture from the 90s is worth 1000 words and an onslaught of nostalgia. From school habits, to snack foods, to fashion sense, the 90s had some extremely unique aspects to it. Scroll through all these pictures and be ready for an immediate wave of 90s flashbacks. Some good, some bad, some really, REALLY ugly. 1. Writing down every single cheat code you could find on the same piece of paper. And then having a meltdown when you lost said piece of paper. 2. Pretended to use your skin off using white glue. 3.


18 Creepy Things From The 90s Responsible For Making You A Paranoid Mess

One noticeable thing about 90s kids is they're either extremely into scary stuff, or they would rather never leave the house than deal with it again. There is no in between. When you look back on the "entertainment" we had to keep ourselves busy, there's really no questioning where this came from. Is there a serial killer behind the shower curtain? What if I open this door and cockroaches come pouring out? What if my dog is actually an alien spying on me? All valid questions. All somehow influenced by the 90s. Scroll this list and be prepared for some


9 Things All 90s Girls Did When They Had A Crush

Ah, young love. There's nothing like it!Remember the days when you didn't have Tinder or texting or Facebook or eHarmony or Snapchat or ANYTHING remotely helpful? It was just you, the boy you liked, and a landline phone. That was it. Hope you have his phone number. It was wildly stressful having a crush in the '90s. And frankly it still is. Maybe try using some of these '90s "flirting" tactics in your love life today and see if they help!1. You seriously considered a full makeover. If 90s movies taught us anything, it's that outer beauty is


10 Things All 90s Kids Totally Forgot About

Growing up in the 90s has left this generation at such a weird crossroads. Yes, we are the generation with technology, but we are also the generation who remembers playing outside. We're the in-betweens I guess you'd say. The best of both worlds. Before we were enthralled with our phones or Netflix, we had these classics things to keep us entertained. See if you remember them all!1. Bobby's WorldWho didn't love Bobby Generic and his over active imagination?2. Golden Little BooksThe only books I would read, honestly. 3. VHS tapes from BlockbusterAnd watching the same movie 4 weeks


15 Things From Your Childhood Kids Today Won't Believe

The differences between our childhoods and those of kids today are mind-blowing. We grew up on the fence of both generations. A lot of us would prefer to use technology today, but we still understand the importance of playing outside or turning the phones off for a night. The generations after us have it pretty easy, to be honest. We paved the way for some truly useful inventions. Scroll through this list of things from your childhood and try to imagine kids today doing them! Odds are they would need a hand. 1. Going to Blockbuster and picking out ONE

Pop Culture

11 Times People Hilariously Misheard Song Lyrics

With the speed of some songs these days, it's no wonder there are misheard lyrics. Generally, though, you can decipher what is being said just based on context.However, some people just can't seem to get it right. People have shared some of their most hilariously misheard lyrics and honestly, it's shocking. How can you be that far off? Check out some of the funniest misheard lyrics we could find. Warning: Some of them you won't be able to un-hear. 1. How To Save A Life by The FrayActual Lyric: "And I pray to God he hears you."Misheard Lyric:


80s Babies Will Instantly Remember All Of These Things

Ah, the 80s. A time of neon colors and arguably the best music era ever. Unfortunately, because of technology, not many things from the 80s have made their way to 2016. Though these things may be a distant memory by now, every 80s baby will be able to relate. Enjoy this blast from the past!1. Buying 'The Baby Sitters Club' books for $5. 2. Trapper Keepers3. Saving your homework on floppy discs4. Speak and Spells being the original spell check5. Listening to your favorite cassette tape on your Walkman6. The extreme stress of printing on Dot matrix printer paper


12 Normal Things 80's Kids Did At School That Wouldn't Happen Today

Times sure have changed from the 80's. It seems as though everything has become dependent on technology and there's been a crazy increase in helicopter parenting. So what's changed in the school world? Can it really be that different? The answer is yes. Things have definitely gotten a little more strict and little less fun-loving since we were in grade school. And who knows? Maybe it's justified. But honestly it just seems like today's kids are missing out!Here are some totally normal things we'd do at school in the 80's but would not fly today. 1. Actually Choosing a