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10 Songs That Were Everywhere In The Late 90s, But We All Forgot About Them

Pop music is a funny thing: a song can be absolutely everywhere one minute, only to completely disappear from the public consciousness the next.

No decade made this more obvious than the 90s, where hits like these 10 songs seemed like they were absolutely inescapable, but seemed to just vanish once the millennium turned.

Fiona Apple won a Grammy for "Criminal," but when was the last time you remembered it even existed?

Garbage's "#1 Crush" was everybody's jam after it was featured in Romeo + Juliet, but we pretty much haven't heard it since!

Fun fact: "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia is actually a cover. Yeah.

This is kind of cheating because we've heard "Wonderwall" plenty of times since the 90s, except now it's hilarious instead of being sentimental.

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Man, I legitimately can't remember the last time I heard of Deep Blue Something.

Crazy Town imploded pretty dramatically after the 90s ended, but I'll be damned if I don't remember all the lines to "Butterfly."

Remember when t.A.T.u. were a thing? Seems so long ago now...

Whatever happened to the first four Mambos anyway? You wanna answer that one for me, Lou Bega?

It feels like only yesterday that Nine Days's "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)" was in literally every teen comedy.

Is errybody in the club still getting tipssssssss? Also, has anyone seen J-Kwon?

What song do you remember from the 90s that nobody else seems to?