6 Facts About Full House That Will Leave You Saying "Have Mercy!"

Were you a fan of Full House when it was on, or did you warm up to it after the show ended? No matter when you started tuning into the Full family, we can all agree that the reason we kept coming back to this show was more than just the hilarious jokes, or the cutesy wiles of the Olsen twins, or even the charm of Uncle Jesse. Even if you've watched these episodes 100 times over, I bet you still didn't know all of these behind-the-scenes facts from the family that came together!What's In A Name?Atlas ObscuraThe


Turns Out The Olsens Aren't Actually Identical Twins

In Touch WeeklyIf you were a child of the 90s (specifically a young girl) you were likely a fan of the Olsen twins's movies. I myself, have a little sister, so I have admittedly seen way more of these films than I care to remember. The two Olsens, Mary-Kate and Ashley, were always portrayed as identical twins, both on-screen and in real life. So here is the shocker, the Olsen twins are not truly identical! .It may have been difficult to tell when they were younger, but now that they are well in adulthood you can easily see the differences


29 Reasons That Prove Michelle Was The Best Part Of Full House And Should Come Back To The Reunion

I think we can all agree that Michelle was the most relatable of the Tanner sisters on Full House. I think that was why we all secretly hoped at least one of the Olsen twins would come out of retirement for the reunion show and grace us with those four words we were all dying to hear: You got it, dude! But, unfortunately they were busy running a fashion empire or something, but we can still hope right? Here are the 29 reasons why we need Michelle Tanner to come back. .        Giphy    1. Michelle's


90s Kids Will Be Shocked To Find Out The Olsen Twins Aren't Actually Identical Twins

Get ready for everything you know to be shattered. Well okay, not everything. But a pretty big part of your childhood has just fallen apart. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, aka Michelle Tanner, aren't actually identical twins. SAY WHAAAAAT!?Turns out, the twins are actually fraternal, meaning they're about alike as any other siblings. They were two different eggs that were fertilized and just happened to come out looking like clones of each other. These girls literally built an empire on looking the same and being twins. Did no one see "It Takes Two"?! Now I know what you're thinking. This