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Turns Out The Olsens Aren't Actually Identical Twins
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If you were a child of the 90s (specifically a young girl) you were likely a fan of the Olsen twins's movies. I myself, have a little sister, so I have admittedly seen way more of these films than I care to remember. The two Olsens, Mary-Kate and Ashley, were always portrayed as identical twins, both on-screen and in real life.

So here is the shocker, the Olsen twins are not truly identical! .

It may have been difficult to tell when they were younger, but now that they are well in adulthood you can easily see the differences between the two of them.


You may be thinking that there is absolutely no proof that this is anything more than a "fan conspiracy", but your would be wrong; there is proof...

They are actually fraternal twins, meaning that they though they are twins, they are not completely the same. Fraternal twins are born at the same time, but instead of one egg separating into two, they were two eggs that were fertilized at the same time.

They first admitted this in a 1999 interview, but have done so a couple of times throughout their Hollywood careers.

There are a couple of somewhat noticeable differences between the sisters. For instance, Mary-Kate actually stands one inch taller than Ashley, and Ashley is right-handed while Mary-Kate is a lefty.

Even with this information in hand, looking back on pictures of them as young girls, it is nearly impossible to tell them apart. Can you figure out which one is which?

Were you a big fan of the Olsen twins when you were growing up?