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The Cake Kid From Matilda is Finally Opening Up About His Iconic Scene

Bruce Bogtrotter was a pretty iconic character. Sure, Matilda had all the magic, but Bruce had something we all really need: Will power. The character of Bruce Bogtrotter was played by Jim Karz, a young boy who impressed Danny DeVito in his audition and then went on to make history. TriStar PicturesThe iconic Bruce scene we all know and love was the one where he was forced to eat an entire cake. While it sounds good in theory, it's a ridiculously enormous cake and takes him hours to finish. But you know what, he powers through and that's what matters.


'Matilda' Cast: Where Are They Now?

Matilda was a staple for all 90s kids. We could all somehow relate to a little girl who just wanted to be accepted for what she was. It was a little terrifying at times, though. That chokey still haunts me. And though I love chocolate cake, watching Bruce be forced to eat it was a little traumatizing. But where are these lovable kids now? It's been 20 years since 'Matilda' came out and they've definitely changed. Although a few people look unrecognizable. Mara Wilson as MatildaMara Wilson now has her own blog called Mara Writes Stuff. She took a break


The 'Matilda Challenge' Is Purest Thing On The Internet You Didn't Know You Needed

I don't know about you, but every time I see these so-called "challenges" that teens are doing I get completely thrown off. Why are kids eating laundry detergent? Why are they jumping out of moving vehicles? I'm sure the older generation thought the same about the weird things we did, but at least we didn't have the internet so it wasn't like it spread all that far. But now there is finally one that we can all get behind. Not only is it impressive, but brings back a classic moment from one of the best movies ever. Introducing the "Matilda