8 Secrets From The Filming Of 'Dinosaurs' That'll Make You Wish The Show Wasn't Extinct

There are very few shows that are able to work when the main character is big, talking, dinosaur puppet, oh no wait, there is only one. Dinosaurs was unique, epic, and iconic. It was truly one of a kind, and it was well loved by everyone who watched it. But the show wasn't as easy to make as all the other sitcoms we watched on TV, for very obvious reasons. When all of your main characters are trapped inside big dinosaur costumes with robotic elements to them, you have an added level of difficulty that other shows do not have


15 Underrated Muppets Who Deserve Way More Love Than They Get

It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights! The Muppets have been around for decades now, and were a staple of our childhoods. Whether you were trying to convince your parents to let you stay up to watch The Muppet Show at night, or enjoying all the great movies on VHS, we all had a favorite character. Obviously there are the two main Muppets who everyone know, Kermit and Miss Piggy. They are basically the king and queen of the Muppets, but they aren't the only amazing characters. There are a lot of other unique and

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10 Things About The Muppet Christmas Carol Brought To You By The Ghost Of Christmases Past

The Muppet Christmas Carol is one of the most iconic Christmas movies of our time. Our favorite characters combined with a classic tale will never get old, and it's a must-watch every year. That being said, regardless of how many times you've seen it, there are some things about The Muppet Christmas Carol that you probably don't know. 1. In MemoriamDisneyThe Muppet Christmas Carol was the first Muppet movie made without creator, Jim Henson. Henson passed away in 1990, and the movie premiered in 1992. Steve Whitmire took over as Kermit the Frog, and the film was dedicated to Henson.


A Guide To All The TV Reboots That Are Happening Whether You Want Them Or Not

It seems like everywhere you look, another one of the iconic things from your childhood manages to come back. Whether it's all these Disney movies trying live-action versions, or our old toys, or even our old drinks, the 80s and 90s are definitely back with a vengence. It's getting hard to keep track about all of the reboots and reunions that are going on right now, but luckily we've got you covered. Full House (Now called Fuller House)NetflixWhat is it? The classic 90s sitcom was revamped for Netflix a few years ago. Now DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy all live


Kermit The Frog Has Been Replaced And We Aren't Sure How To Feel About It

Kermit the Frog is an iconic and wonderful character who has been around for generations. We grew up watching him lead the Muppets on a bunch of zany adventures, and now there are some big changes in his future. TwitterSince Hensen passed away, one man has been responsible for giving Kermit the Frog his voice. Creator Jim Hensen hired Steve Whitmire to take over as Kermit, but after all these years he has been replaced. ABCThe actor was told in October 2016 that he would not be returning as Kermit. Whitmire claims that this change in casting came as a


You Would Never Guess What Went On Behind The Scenes Of This Crazy 90s Show

Dinosaurs was one of the strangest but most wonderful TV shows of the 90s. Jim Hensen developed an anthropomorphic dinosaur family just before he passed away, and after his death the show ended up getting made so we got to witness all of its greatness. The Sinclair family contained Earl, Fran, Robbi, Charlene and Baby along with Fran's mother Ethyl and they were all fantastic. The dinosaurs themselves were quite impressive. They were huge costumes that were worn but the puppet heads moved a lot and made them look pretty great. Seeing the actors in these costumes must have been


13 Cartoons From The 80s We Couldn't Have Lived Without

The 80s were a great decade. The movies, the clothes, and the music of this era all remain iconic to this day. But the most impressive form of entertainment this decade was definitely the cartoons. These were the years when television cartoons finally began to catch up with animated films, and 80s kids had a smorgasbord of high quality cartoons to enjoy. This list includes some of our favorite shows from the decades, and we think they all hold up pretty well. Check out the full list and let us know if we missed your favorite!1. Muppet BabiesThis show


Sesame Street Gets 'Fresh' With Their New Rap About Bert And Ernie

Bert and Ernie have been the best of friends since the pilot episode of Sesame Street. They were so well received by their test audiences that they were changed from side characters to main characters. They were originally performed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz, and were supposed to show how people with opposite personalities can still be the best of friends. People have had a lot of speculations about the relationship between Bert and Ernie for years, but finally Sesame Street has made something that gives us their whole origin story, and it's as "fresh" as it could possibly