Mandy Moore Reveals She Was In Love With Shane West While Filming 'A Walk To Remember'

It's no doubt A Walk To Remember is an all-time classic. The epitome of the romance genre, girls everywhere cried over Jamie's death, and how it affected her beloved. Warner BrosMandy Moore and Shane West had inarguable chemistry that made everyone hope for such a powerful love, including the one of the movie's own stars.Following the film's 16th anniversary on January 25, Moore shared an adorable throwback on Instagram celebrating the film's release. Jamie + Landon, 16 years ago, A Walk to Remember ❤️. #TBT A post shared by Mandy Moore (@mandymooremm) on Jan 25, 2018 at 8:00am PST Despite

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"A Walk To Remember" Hit The Big Screen 16 Years Ago So Here Are 13 Facts You Might Not Have Known

Alright, full disclosure, as a man, I have grown to hate any movie that is associated with a Nicholas Sparks novel: that is except A Walk To Remember. I will fully admit that it was one of my guilty pleasures when it came to movies in the early 2000s, mostly because I had a rather strong crush on the female lead Mandy Moore. ew.comThe movie turned 16-years-old earlier this month, and we felt like it was time to look back on the clear-cut chick flick that even men don't hate. 1. This was Mandy Moore's first leading role. She