10 "Age Test" Combinations That Only People Over 20 Can Solve

I can guarantee that anyone who grew up in the '90s and early '00s can understand why these side-by-side images are linked together. Don't expect the answers, but you might find them in the comments. 10. This is like trying to fix the slinky your friend tangled up. Difficult, but not impossible. Premicom / Tombow USA9. This one taught me patience and perseverance. Pinimg / Echo News8. BILL, BILL, BILL, BILL. There's no one we rooted for more. Reddit / Wikipedia7. Was this supposed to be fun? You might as well spin someone around a thousand times, it'll produce the same effect. Vancity


9 Dangerous Things Kids Used To Do All The Time

People say that the past is a different country, and it can certainly feel that way looking back on how kids used to behave back in the day.We're not saying all parents nowadays coddle their children, but it's definitely true kids used to be allowed to do some pretty dangerous things. Whether we didn't know any better or we just worry more, kids today will never know what it was like to have an old fashioned childhood where anything was allowed - except bad manners.Take a walk down memory lane with these 9 dangerous things kids don't do