15 Photos Of '90s Bedrooms That Will Make You Miss Your Childhood Room

Most teenage bedrooms were messy and filled with mediocre trophies, posters, and toys. That being said, we all had our own idiosyncrasies. Our bedrooms were our comfort zones and safe havens where we came of age. These precious spaces tell a story of how we perceived ourselves and the world.Here are 15 photos of real and fictional '90s teenage bedrooms that will take you on a trip down memory lane. 1. Most of you fashionistas from the '90s can relate to Cher Horowitz's bedroom. It was basically a complete mess.BuzzFeed2. Clutter. Clutter. Clutter.It was all that clutter


10 Things That Happened In The '90s That You Didn't Even Know About

So many things happened in the '90s that you seriously couldn't keep up with all that information. We didn't have all the knowledge in the world at the tip of our fingertips, so here are some interesting facts that happened in your childhood years that you had no clue about. 1. Your favorite '90s song "Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears could have been attributed to TLC. CromosomaXSongwriters Max Martin and Rami Yacoub wrote the song's lyrics for TLC, but the trio rejected the offer because it didn't conform to their stance on female empowerment. Speaking of the song,


10 Punishments From the '90s That Are Unheard Of Today

The '90s were great times, so missing out on a second of it was devastating. We enjoyed hanging out with our friends, watching TV, playing with our toys, and many more fun activities. Parents always had a knack for knowing what would punish their kids the most, and they used this knowledge to their advantage. Here are 10 flashbacks from when you were punished as a child that you would never hear of today. 1. Being grounded and sent to your roomBack then your room was only meant for sleep and staring at the poster of your celebrity crush. If


10 Facts About 'Arthur' That'll Make You Have A Wonderful Kind of Day

Arthur came out in the mid-'90s and became one of the highest-rated shows on PBS KIDS. Let's be real, most parents loved watching the show with their kids, and I wouldn't be surprised if adults watched a few episodes alone too. The show was entertaining and loaded with life lessons that helped us navigate the world as children. Arthur has received dozens of Emmy nominations and won seven of them. The show has averaged 10 million viewers weekly in the U.S. and has aired in more than 80 countries. Here are 10 facts about Arthur and his friends that'll


20 Pictures That'll Make You Long For The Last Great Decade: The '90s

Before the turn of the century, there was a decade like no other.In this time, there was pop music that everyone could agree on, dance moves that made everyone want to move their bodies, sitcoms that made everyone laugh and fashion we all still love today. Bucks FargoThe '90s were filled with so much nostalgia that it would take thousands of pictures to bring back all our favorite childhood memories. Here are 20 pictures that will do the '90s some justice.1. Breakfast had more magic to it back in the day.Cove of Solitude2. You had to catch


What Happened To All Our Favorite Characters From 'The Drew Carey Show'?

The beloved show that made us hold our stomachs as we laughed off tears went on for nine seasons until it ended in 2004. When the first season came out in 1995, we were all giddy with excitement. The fictionalized version of the life of the former host of Whose Line Is It Anyway? was relatable and amusing. However, not everyone could appreciate the show because it stood in the shadows of popular sitcoms like Seinfeld, Friends, The Simpsons, and Everybody Loves Raymond. That being said, for those who did love this show, here's what your favorite characters have been


10 Kinds of Chewing Gum That Made Everyone In The School Yard Want To Be Your Friend

If you think about it, being considered "cool" was not that hard when you were a kid. All you had to do was bring in the right snacks.Most kids were picky when it came to what candy and chocolate they liked best, but no one would say no if you offered them a piece of gum. Here are 10 types of chewing gum that made everyone befriend you on the school yard. 1. Do you remember how you'd have competitions on who could blow the biggest bubble? Amazon2. "Juice gum" has been around since the '80s, and no kid


16 Reasons Why A '90s Christmas Was The Best Christmas

Christmastime is still a wonderful season, but it seemed magical back in the '90s. The internet was slowly making its way into the mainstream, but not fast enough to ruin your holiday cheer and attention. Here are 16 very convincing reasons why a '90s Christmas was the best Christmas! 1. Even "cool" guys and gals got into the holiday spirit. BuzzFeed2. Carolers, who seemed to pop out of nowhere, were the best. Doncaster Freepress 3. Christmas parades were like real life magic.  Orlando Weekly4. Nothing says the most wonderful time of the year than festive Christmas-colored cereal. BuzzFeed5. Kevin


15 Christmas Pictures From The '80s That Will Take You Right Back To Your Childhood

Life may have been simpler back in the '80s, but Christmas was not. The holiday season was a big deal: the tree had to be perfect, the decorations had to be perfect, the food had to be perfect, the presents had to be perfect, and most importantly, the pictures HAD TO BE PERFECT. All that being said, Christmas just had a different feel in that decade. No one could pull out a cell phone during dinner or take a selfie every second while Christmas presents were being unwrapped. '80s Christmases were truly the most wonderful time of the year. Here


The True Story Behind The Celebrity Sex Tape Scandal That Started It All

Rob Lowe's first sex tape involving two young women is notoriously known to be the first-ever sex tape scandal in Hollywood.ImgurWhile the "Lowe's tape" itself was shocking enough to raise eyebrows, it was the fact that the young actor broke the law that set off a media firestorm. Lowe was a rising film star in his early twenties and inadvertently earned the title in the exclusive group known as the Hollywood Brat Pack, a nickname given to young actors who starred in coming-of-age films in the 1980s.Warner BrosHis dashing looks helped him star in critically acclaimed movies like