The Little Boy From "Titanic" Reveals How Much He Makes In Royalties

Titanic is currently one of the top five highest grossing films ever, raking in more than $2 billion. That's quite the title to have, considering how many exceptional movies are out there.There are so many things we love about this film. The storyline is incredibly emotional, and the characters are wonderfully lovable. We know that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have made a considerable amount of money for their roles in the film, which has left them in the limelight ever since, but how much do the minor characters in the film make? I've been wondering, haven't you? Pop


Ever Wonder What Happened To These Iconic Movie Props?

Movie magic is when the cast and crew of a studio are able to make an audience believe something extraordinary, using only the bare minimum to achieve the impossible. Some of the most memorable moments in film history have been thanks to a few well-made props that ended up becoming classic tropes in Hollywood. But what happens when their screen time is over and the director yells cut?Here's the weird and tragic endings for those famous pieces of cinema history!The Heart of the Ocean - TitanicThrillistThe incredible jewel that ties together the love triangle is what sparked the


One Of The Saddest Scenes In 'Titanic' Was Improvised, And The Story Is Totally Heartbreaking

With Titanic back in theaters this month, it's worth reflecting on why we still love this movie so much after 20 years.Part of its appeal is that we manage to discover something new in the film each time we watch it. In the past, we shared the incredible true love story behind the couple lying on a bed as the boat sinks, and recently Kate Winslet spilled the beans about the actor who almost played Jack.Paramount PicturesBut it turns out there was a touching real life story hiding in one of the movie's smallest scenes. The surprising story


James Cameron Reveals Why Jack Had To Die So We Can All Let Go

It was the blockbuster film of the year. It launched the careers of two of Hollywood's most successful actors. The most-referenced movie on the internet, and without a doubt, had the most controversial ending we all had to deal with. Titantic came out in 1997 and shook the world with its romantic portrayal of the tragic sinking of one of the world's largest luxury ships in history. We stayed on the edge of our seats for 3 hours as we watched director James Cameron build up the relationship of two passengers that was as doomed to fail as the ship


'Titanic' Sets Sail On Screen Again and The Director Has Another Surprise

Can you believe it's been 20 years since Titanic hit the big screens? It was released in 1997 and became the highest grossing film in cinema history. It held that title until Oscar-winning director James Cameron topped his own movie when he released Avatar in 2009. Many of us still believe that the movie was a historical account of what happened on the "unsinkable ship." However, that's far from the case, and Cameron wants to set things straight. Premier ExhibitionsTo celebrate the movie's 20th anniversary, Titanic will be re-released in theaters so that all you die-hard fans can experience the