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'The Conners' Premieres With An Intense Emotional Episode That's Got Everyone Talking


Well, the day we've all been waiting for has arrived and The Conners finally aired their first episode. The hype surrounding this show has been undeniable, as everyone has been debating on whether or not the show should have been cancelled.

Some people believed that if ABC thought that Roseanne Barr was too controversial for their network, then they shouldn't have brought the show back in the first place. When it was cancelled, they thought it was a huge overreaction.

People got even more opinionated when ABC officially announced they were going to be bringing back the rest of the cast without Barr in a new series called The Conners.

While many people were excited that the rest of the cast and crew would be able to keep their jobs, others were offended that the network would buy out Barr's creations and not allow her to participate.

Whether you wanted the show or not, it happened. Last night marked the premiere episode of the new series, and going in we all knew we'd be in for an emotional experience.

John Goodman had actually already leaked that they would be killing off Roseanne Conner, but we didn't know for sure how it would be done. Rumors suggested that it would be an opiod overdose, but last night saw these rumors come to fruition.

Barr had actually been the one to start the rumors last month, after giving an interview claiming that she knew they were planning on making her character overdose. People didn't want to believe it, but as we watched the remaining Conner family members deal with the loss, we had to accept she was gone.

As for the episode itself, it's getting some mixed reviews. A lot of critics actually loved the episode, with one even saying "Roseanne without Roseanne works really well, way better than it should - but also exactly as well as it should when you look at who is involved."

The episode tried to deal with addiction, with the addition of the new neighbor character played by Mary Steenburgen. The Conner family discovers that instead of flushing her pills, Roseanne had actually been exchanging them with Steenburgen, and when confronted by Dan she tries to apologize.

"I never would have given them to her if I knew she had a problem," she said. "I know what it's like to have that problem, so I'm sorry."

But Dan knew that there was nothing that could have changed her mind. "She was going to do what she was going to do," Dan said in the heartbreaking episode. "She never listened to a damn person in her life."

Some critics have even gone as far as saying that this second attempt at a revival is even better than the first, but some fans are not happy about it.

Barr has a lot of devoted fans, and they've taken to Twitter to voice their complaints against the new show.