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The First Ever Version Of This Disney Classic Will Give You A New Fantastic Point of View

Aladdin might very well be one of the best Disney movies out there. The songs, the story, Robin Williams... Really just everything about this movie is absolute perfection. The most famous songs in the film is "A Whole New World" for obvious reasons. It's a beautiful love song that has exploration and adventure all while managing to do a bunch of character development in the span of a two minute song.

It's always been one of my favorites, and probably one of the most fun to sing along with when you re-watch the movie for the thousandth time. Something about Disney movies make the characters feel so real when you're a kid, but as an adult you start to wonder about the voices behind the scenes.

Disney movies back in the day would usually use a different speaking voice for characters than the singing voice. So while none other than DJ Tanner's boyfriend, Steve (AKA - Scott Weinger) would speak for Aladdin, Brad Kane was actually the voice behind the music. Linda Larkin voiced Jasmine, but Lea Salonga sang the beautiful song.

The actors who sang this Oscar winning song together seemed to immediately knock it out of the park. Disney filmed their first recording session and it's really easy to see how that song became a classic. The first run through of the song already sounds fantastic, with both of their voices mixing together to create the sweetest song in any Disney movie.

You have to watch this clip. It's incredible to see how they sound and how cute they are while they do it.

Now that we know that the new live action Aladdin will be a musical we can only hope that it will be at least half as good at the original. No one will be able to belt this song out the same as these two!

Years later they reconnected for the anniversary and once again reminded us why they are the best of the best. You can watch the video here to relive the memory again.

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