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Take A Look At 'The Steve Harvey Show' Cast 15 Years After The Show Ended

Decades before Steve Harvey pit families against each other on Family Feud and committed blunders on the Miss Universe stage, he was Steve Hightower, the lead character in the 90s sitcom The Steve Harvey Show.

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On the show, Harvey portrays a 1970s funk legend-turned-music teacher and vice-principal at Booker T. Washington High School in Chicago. Along with his colleagues, Cedric Robinson (Cedric the Entertainer) and Regina Grier (Wendy Raquel Robinson), Hightower tries to give the students, including Romeo Santana (Merlin Santana) and Bullethead (William Lee Scott), the best education despite budget cuts, while giving viewers priceless comic relief and life lessons.

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In addition to the main cast, the show also featured many recurring guests including Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell of Kenan & Kel fame.

The Steve Harvey Show ended in 2002, and while we all know what Harvey has been up to since, we don't have a clue what some of the other actors have dabbled in after leaving the show.

So what have they been doing since? Let's find out!

Merlin Santana - Romeo

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Merlin Santana played the role of troubled kid, Romeo. At first, he didn't get along with Mr. Hightower, but the two eventually put their differences aside and developed a father-son type relationship. Santana previously starred in The Cosby Show, and during his time on The Steve Harvey Show, he also appeared on Moesha and NYPD Blue. He later appeared alongside Eddie Murphy and Robert De Niro in the 2002 film Showtime.

Unfortunately, he was fatally shot in the head in 2002.

William Lee Scott - Stanley "Bullethead" Kuznocki


William Lee Scott assumed the role of Stanley "Bullethead" Kuznocki, a student at Booker T. Washington High School and Romeo's best friend. After the show ended, Scott found roles in films and TV shows like Gattaca, October Sky, Gone in 60 Seconds and Criminal Minds. He continues to act in various TV and film projects.


Tracy Vilar - Sophia Ortiz


Since wrapping up her role as Sophia Ortiz on the show, Tracy Vilar has appeared in numerous television shows, including House, Partners, Grey's Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder.


Netfa Perry - Sara


Perry played the role of Sara for the first season of the show before leaving. She had small roles here and there in television shows up until 2014.


Lori Beth Denberg - Lydia Liza Gutman


The comedian and former child star landed parts in Malcolm in the Middle, Dodgeball and Good Burger after her time on The Steve Harvey Show. She also worked with nonprofit organizations and as a copy writer for an agency. More recently, she got ordained as a minister and has been offering her services to the public.

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The Booker T. Washington High School officials are also up to some interesting things these days...

Wendy Raquel Robinson - Regina "Piggy" Grier

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Best known for portraying Principal Regina "Piggy" Grier on the show, Robinson has since gone on to do big things. She has starred in A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Ringmaster and Miss Congeniality. More recently, she played the role of sports agent Tasha Mack on the sitcom The Game and was cast as Cruella de Vil in Disney's Descendants.


Terri Vaughn - Lovita Jenkins


Vaughn was cast as Lovita Jenkins in the later seasons, but she made a lasting impression. After her role as Principal Grier's assistant, Vaughn made her run in the TV circuit starring in shows like All of Us, Soul Food and Meet the Browns. She also landed roles in movies, including Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls. In 2016, she was cast in Greenleaf, a drama series on the Oprah Winfrey Network.


Cedric The Entertainer


Cedric played the gym teacher and Mr. Hightower's best friend. He is one of the most successful actors from the show with multiple acting credits to his name. In the years since the show ended, he's made us laugh in movies like The Barbershop, Big Momma's House Ice Age and Madagascar. He also hosted the 12th season of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? between 2013 and 2014.

Steve Harvey - Steve Hightower

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These days Steve Harvey is a household name and rightfully so. Since his sitcom ended, he has appeared in mumerous other projects including movies and television shows for which he has won multiple awards. He currently hosts The Steve Harvey Morning Show, the Steve Harvey Talk Show, Family Feud, and Little Big Shots. He's also written a few books, including the best-seller Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, which was adapted into a movie.

Do you remember watching The Steve Harvey Show?