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The Trailer For The New Dirty Dancing Movie Is Here And We Are Not Okay

So the new Dirty Dancing is just around the corner and now that the promo is out I am not any less afraid than I was before. Seeing the pictures of the movie made me a little anxious, but now that we get to see everything in motion I am still concerned.  

The movie was 100% perfect as it was back in the 80s, but no one can let a good thing go, so they of course are trying to remake it. The cast is a mix of unknowns with some really big name actors so it's kind of a let down that it does not look as fantastic as the original.

Abigail Breslin is an Oscar-nominated actress, and maybe she will be great as Baby in the movie. They have said that it is just paying "homage" to the original while also looking into what happens after their summer romance, the parent's relationship and some more political topics. How they plan on fitting all of that in a TV-movie version is beyond me.

I hope it turns out well. See for yourself, the preview makes me feel a little nervous but maybe I am being too harsh. If you want to watch the movie it will be on ABC on May 24th at 8 p.m ET.