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They Wanted You To Remember Their Names, But Where Is The Cast Of Fame Now?

They were going to last forever, but everything good must come to an end. Fame was one of the greatest shows of the 80s and even though it lasted six seasons, it was never enough.

The show featured so many talented kids all just trying to break into the entertainment industry. The show was based on the movie of the same name, but in all honesty the tv show is perhaps even better than the original movie.

The cast was pretty great, but where are they all now? Let's find out!

Debbie Allen - Lydia Grant

Debbie Allen is an icon. That is just a fact. She made that show what it was after completely killing it in the movie. Now a days she is still acting up a storm, most notably as a recurring character on Grey's Anatomy.

Albert Hague - Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky

He appeared in both the movie and the TV show as Shorofsky, and was pretty great. After Fame ended he was in the movie Space Jam and The Story of Us before he passed away in 2001.

Erica Gimpel - Coco Hernandez

As her first show, she completely nailed it. Coco was a great character and since finishing the series she has gone on to appear in many other shows including Roswell, ER, Veronica Mars and The Young and the Restless.

Carlo Imperato - Danny Amatullo

There have been a lot of breaks in his acting career since he finished on Fame. He had a few parts on shows but then in 2005 stopped acting for 10 years. He had a quick scene in Grey's Anatomy back in 2015 but otherwise he spends his time with his family and owns four Gold's gyms.

Lee Curreri - Bruno Martelli

He played the piano on the show, and now he continues to embrace music. He hasn't acted since 1988 but he now composes music for TV and movies.

Valerie Landsburg - Doris Schwartz

Even though she has had a lot of other roles since Fame, it is still what people remember her for. She is married with two children and now has taken to the director's chair.

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Gene Anthony Ray - Leroy Johnson

He was actually one of the actors who started in the movie before coming to the small screen. Fame is basically the only thing he has done acting wise other than a few dancer credits in Austin Powers: Goldmember and The Drew Carey Show. He passed away in 2003 at the age of 41.

Carol Mayo Jenkins - Elizabeth Sherwood

She made appearances in a few TV movies and guest spots on shows after Fame ended, but ultimately retired from acting in 1995. She has founded the Interact Theater Company and currently lives in Tennessee.

Jesse Borrego - Jesse Valasquez

He has been acting consistently since Fame ended, including a role in 24, Dexter, and American Crime. He does say that he loved working on Fame and says that it "was better than school" because he got to study with the best dancers in the business.

Lori Singer - Julie Miller

She actually was a cello player, so obviously super well known for her role in Footloose as the rebellious Ariel. She took a break from the spotlight in 1997 but recently she has started back in the industry.

Janet Jackson - Cleo Hewitt

Did you remember that Janet Jackson was in one season of this show? She played Cleo Hewitt for 23 episodes! She is still singing, and recently had a new baby!

Who was your favorite character in the show? Share if you remember watching this show!