10 Things You Haven't Thought About In Forever That'll Make You Miss Being A Kid

Being a kid is pretty awesome. You don't have to pay bills, your fridge is just always stocked with your favorite foods even though you never went to the grocery store, and honestly school isn't that hard (at least compared to grown up life).

There are obviously a lot of things we miss about being a kid, but if you asked if I wanted to go back in time I would say absolutely not. I don't want to go through puberty again, no thank you.

Instead, I'm just going to remember all the things that I used to love, without having to go through middle school again. How many of these things do you remember loving? Honestly, if anything could convince me to turn back into a kid it'd be one of these things.  

1. Shrinky Dinks Crafts

I know you can still make them, it's really not that hard, but now when you're done making them you have to actually think about what you are going to do with it afterwards.

When you're a kid, you could just collect piles and piles of little plastic pictures. Sure, you'd turn some into key chains, but it becomes a bit more of a hassle when you have more than one single key.

2. Sleepovers at your best friends house

Saved By The Bell

Going for a sleepover was the absolute best. Whether it was just you and your bestie, or a whole group of friends, this was the best time to share secrets, get the latest gossip, and give each other makeovers.

Don't forget that you would obviously eat about 5 slices of pizza, drink a gallon of Coke, and gobble up about your body weight in chips. The best times.

3. Biking around the neighborhood

You used to have the freedom to go wherever your little legs could take you. If you could peddle there in a reasonable amount of time, you could go there.

Our parents had a lot of trust that we wouldn't get lost or get into trouble, but I think they just wanted us out of their hair.

4. Recess

Going out to play was the absolute best part of school. You were released on a playground and told to entertain yourselves for 15 minutes (longer if it was lunch) before returning to your school work.

Obviously none of us wanted to come back after, but at least we could burn off some of that pent up energy.

5. Cat's Cradle

Playing Cat's Cradle was such a complicated endeavor. I don't know why it became such a popular thing, but honestly we all were obsessed.

I could never get passed the third or forth one, some how I always messed it up. My friends never forgave me either. They stopped letting me play...

6. Passing Notes

You had to be so sneaky to get it to your friend, only letting the note pass to those who you'd trust not to read it, but it was always way too important to wait until class was done.

Passing notes was so much fun, at least until you got caught. Then it was absolutely humiliating if your teacher was one of those monsters who would make you read it out to the class.

7. Play Structures

We used to climb on these epic play structures, running across the bridges that would wobble under our feet, slide down a metal pole that was always 700 degrees, and then jump into the sand below, over, and over, and over again.

We would sit on the swing and pump our little legs as fast as they good, hoping we would be the one who could manage to go right over the top.

8. Ruffled Socks

This one is a probably a very girl-specific one, but those ruffled socks were legit. Who agrees with me?

There's just something so wonderful about having a little tiny detail that is just a little bit excessive. It made your Mary Jane shoes look extra cute, and could fancy-up even your most basic runners.

9. Special Edition Plates and Cups from Fast Food Places

I remember collecting all those Burger King cups as if they were my most treasured investment. I would save up my allowance for weeks, hoping we would be able to go, but I never could save enough. Luckily my mom was nice enough to help me out.

Never had a whole set, but I did have one Meg from Hercules plate and one Lion King cup that I used religiously for all of my meals.

10. Jump Rope

I know you technically could still go and play with a jump rope on your driveway, but seriously, have you tried it lately? It's literally the most exhausting thing ever.

I honestly don't know how we used to manage, because it's way too challenging to keep up for very long. No wonder we were all so speedy, our little legs were solid muscle!

What's something you miss from your childhood?

Sleepovers were such a big deal when we were kids. There was such a ritual involved, and certain things had to happen for it to be considered a success.

Seriously, all these nostalgic things make me really wish that we still got summers off as an adult, we used to have so much fun when we did..