Tooth Gems Are Making A Comeback And All We Can Say Is "Why?"

As much as we loved the 90s, and the gems that it gave us, we can't deny that the decade produced very questionable trends.

From super skinny eyebrows, to blue shadows and tendrils, we made enough cringe-worthy beauty choices to last a lifetime. But since 2017 is seeing a 90s revival, some of the styles we embraced way back when are making a comeback.  


More recently, people have been revisiting the unnecessary trend that is the "tooth gem," and we're not sure how to feel about it.

In case you tried to forget about tooth gems are, here's a visual reminder:


At some point during the 90s, it seemed like grills were too much of a commitment for some people, so they opted for dainty little jewels on their teeth instead. However, putting the gems on weren't as easy as they looked.

To wear a tooth gem, a special adhesive was required to keep the tiny accessory in place for a long while. However, to avoid causing damage to the enamel, attaching a tooth gem required a visit to the dentist.

These small gold, crystal or silver gems stayed on for years, until they naturally fell off or got removed by a dentist.


Since 2015, a few celebrities, like Pink and Katy Perry, have been spotted wearing tooth gems, and it seems like their influence has rubbed off on a lot of other people who have welcomed the trend back with open mouths.

If you can't believe it, wait until you see the photos...

Ever since Katy Perry wore the Nike logo on one of her teeth a few years ago, plenty of other celebrities have followed suit.

Singer-songwriter Halsey showed off the gold star on one of her canines earlier this year.


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Stephen Baldwin's daughter and model Hailey Baldwin also jumped on the trend by adding a pair of diamond gems on her teeth. She shared the photo on Instagram with the caption, "because why not."