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This Week In 1975: Top 10 Billboard Chart Toppers

The 70's had some amazing musical talent that would span decades and influence many of today's artists.

The music scene was experimental, expansive and always changing. Teens in the '70s contributed to the rise of Funk, Soul, R&B, Pop, Hard Rock, Soft Rock and Disco.

They also witnessed and had a hand in the birth of American hip-hop - stylized music that focused on rhythmic, rhyming speech accompanied by DJing, turntabling and beatboxing.

Before hip-hop took root as a mainstream genre, here are Billboard's Top 10 songs that were playing on the radio this week in 1975.  How many of these do you remember?

10. Rocky, Austin Roberts

9. Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady, Helen Reddy

8. Dance With Me, Orleans

7. Ballroom Blitz, Sweet

6. Bad Blood, Neil Sedaka

5. Mr. Jaws, Dickie Goodman

4. Run Joey Run, David Geddes

3. Rhinestone Cowboy, Glen Campbell

2. I'm Sorry, John Denver

1. Fame, David Bowie

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