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The Trailer For ‘A Tale Of Two Coreys’ Is Loaded With Behind-The-Scenes Drama


Just in time for Christmas, Lifetime is unveiling their new project about the dynamic duo of 80s actors and their tumultuous career in Hollywood.

The new biopic is executive produced by Corey Feldman, and chronicles the rise and fall of himself and actor Corey Haim, who were dubbed "the two Coreys" after sharing the screen in The Lost Boys.

The two Coreys as teenagers.People

While they both found fame starring in their own projects, like The Goonies and Lucas, the Coreys formed a close friendship, and were often featured together in embarrassing teen magazine photo shoots.

Young unknown actors play the pair, with Elija Marcano as Feldman and Scott Bosely playing Haim during their teenage years, when the two are living it up in Hollywood.

Elijah Marcano as Corey Feldman.Lifetime

But fame has a dark side, and it looks like the new film won't shy away from the behind-the-scenes drama that both actors confronted on their reality show The Two Coreys.

In fact, Feldman is using the new film to share some of his most painful and private experiences from a childhood spent growing up in the spotlight.

While the trailer shows the two Coreys enjoying the glitz and glamour of movie stardom, it also shows the drug abuse that would eventually take Haim's life.

Feldman says that the new movie is about preserving his and Haim's legacy.

“This is about… what kind of lives we lived growing up, what our lives were like, how they changed, how they were affected by being in the industry and the result and the aftermath,” he told Entertainment Tonight.

Haim and Feldman on the set of 'The Lost Boys.'NY Post

“From my side, it is also showing that I was a normal kid. I lived a very normal life, other than the fact that everything around me was crazy.”

Recently, Feldman has talked openly about his alleged sexual abuse by high profile celebrities and film producers. He's even raised more than $260,000 for a documentary that he claims will expose child predators in the entertainment industry.

Feldman's appearance on The View.ABC

“There are people that did this to me and Corey that are still working, they’re still out there, and they’re some of the most rich and powerful people in this business," he said while promoting his tell-all book Coreyography on The View.

"And they do not want what I’m saying right now. They want me dead."

A Tale of Two Coreys premieres January 6 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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