Turn Your Smartphone Into A Game Boy With This Cool Device!

Retro-Gaming has really made a comeback and it has done it quite well! Over the last few months, we have seen the Sega come back, the original Nintendo system, and even the Game Boy. But now, instead of making you pick up an entirely new system, one company has built a device that will turn any smartphone into a Game Boy!

That's right! Now you can take your regular phone and stick it into this little sleeve that will let you play all your old cartridges form the glory days of Nintendo!

This little peripheral system is available for preorder and they are claiming that it will be compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color and will work with Android smartphones.

It will be compatible with 4.5" - 5" smartphones, and they are actually releasing it with the hope that those who buy it can help to improve it. It will be sold in a development kit so that you can try to make adjustments and developments to enhance the system.

It isn't really a plug and play kind of system, but it is pretty cool idea!