Kristen Bell Says Veronica Mars Revival "Is Going To Happen"

If you told someone they could get one more season of one show that's been cancelled, most people would choose Veronica Mars. The teen mystery was cancelled after just three seasons, and fans still lament the loss.

Rob Thomas, the creator of the show, had originally created Veronica Mars as a young adult novel featuring a male protagonist. However, he changed the gender after he realize a film-noir style piece as told by a woman would be more original.

Kristen Bell, who played Veronica Mars, brought the part to life with her quirky and bad-ass personality. She's always held Mars dear to her heart, even launching a campaign through Kickstarter to fund a Veronica Mars movie. The $2 million goal was reached in less than 11 hours, with a total of $5.7 raised in total, and fans got their long-awaited movie in 2014.

The movie wasn't enough, however, and fans still want more.

Now, Kristen Bell has given us the news we've all been waiting for!

Rob Thomas, who produced and wrote the show, has previously said that he and Bell want to do a revival.

“Kristen and I both want to figure out some way we could do a six-episode Veronica Mars mystery,” Thomas said. “If I were a betting man, I bet that it will happen. I just don’t know when it will be.”

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Bell, who currently stars on the television show The Good Place, told IndieWire that Veronica Mars is definitely coming back.

“We are willing to put the effort in — I mean, if I have to do it as Murder She Wrote at 80, we’re going to do it,” Bell said. “It’s going to happen.”

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"You can’t do two television shows at the same time," Bell said. "So we’d have to do like a miniseries.”

A mini-series is better than nothing, right? Are you excited for a Veronica Mars revival?