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Victoria Beckham's New Vogue Video Is Everything We Didn't Know We Really, Really Wanted

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Victoria Beckham is an icon for many reasons. Sure, she's an incredibly successful fashion designer, but she's also one of the five most influential women from the 90s, thanks to a little group we all know and love called the Spice Girls.

As Posh Spice, Beckham (then Adams) was always sporting the finest brands, while giving one of those signature poses. You know the ones right, the hips leaned to one side while she does that point to the front? It's her go-to move, and it's perfect.

Well, Spice Girls or not, Beckham has continued making a name for herself since the band stopped performing together. She launched her own fashion line that has gained a huge amount of attention over the last decade.

To celebrate this achievement, Vogue decided to honor her with not only a cover of the magazine, but more importantly with a little "behind-the-scenes" video that will remind you why Posh should always be your favorite Spice Girl.

In a little video that is set to look like Beckham's cover shoot, we get to see all of the contributions the iconic singer made. And oh boy, were they ever good.

The comedic little skit shows off just how good at deadpan delivery Beckham is, because she manages to say "Thank you very much" with a perfectly straight face after revealing her gold glitter face.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves here. Let's go back to the beginning.

It all starts innocent with a sneak-peek at her signature Posh Spice style, a black strapless mini-dress, paired with some nice, tall heels.

Then we get Beckham's take on what the photoshoot is about, and that's when you really can see just how hilarious she is.

"We're here at Vogue and we are shooting a cover story celebrating the rich and inspiring history of one of the most enduring style icons of all time, me, Victoria Beckham."

"This is where two fashion forces join to make something really quite incredible," Beckham continued. "This really is where two become one."

She talks about how she's going to keep it all "simple" and "refined" and then the video immediately transitions to a photo of Beckham in her extravagant wedding gown.

Then, she tells the photoshoot coordinator what she wants, what she really, really wants.

"What I want, what I really, really want is me, four other women; one sporty, bit of an athleisure direction, another one that's younger, lots of pink, pigtails, one that's very glamorous, full on leopard print, and another one that's super, super sexy, got big boobs, red hair, kind of thing."

Don't worry, she doesn't stop there.

"Then I was thinking purple, latex, scit-fi, Mad Max, uber sexy," she continued. "So then I'm in a little black dress, but maybe I got wings, like a little sexy Gucci..."

Although it seemed like her photoshoot director was as on board with her ideas.

"We're thinking more contemporary working woman, less working girl."

She had some more ideas though, you just can't slow her down.

"Okay, okay, how about me, dancing inside a space pyramid, followed by a chain mail bikini."

When he tries to stop her, she is quick to come back.

"Edward, I'm giving you everything. All that joy can bring. This I swear, and all that I want from you, is the promise that... Your gonna at least give my idea a shot."

"Spice up your life, Edward," she said in an almost threatening tone. "Just spice up your life."

Obviously, she got her way.

At the end, she gives a quick little nod to her old Spice Girls days when she checks the microphone.

"I just have a really sort of bad experience with microphones, most of the time they were either turned off or turned down real low, so you couldn't really hear me, so I just wanted to make sure that you could hear okay."

So I think we can all agree that Victoria Beckham is WAY more hilarious than anyone gives her credit for. Watch the video for yourself to see just how perfect she is.

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