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We All Loved Vicki The Robot, But Where Is She Now?

If you ever were lucky enough to watch the show Small Wonder, you know that it might be one of the strangest concepts for a television show around. The story line essentially was that Ted Lawson, engineer and inventor developed a robot to assist handicapped children and then he brought it home to help it mature.

The robot obviously had to go through some changes over the years because she was a real human kid who aged and grew up over the four seasons. The show handled this by getting Ted to give Vicki some "upgrades" over the years.

It's been 32 years since Small Wonder first premiered but what does little Vicki look like now?

Well she has had a few more upgrades since the 80s and looks quite a bit different.

Tiffany Brissette played Vicki on the show. She started acting at the young age of two after doing some beauty pageants that led to commercial appearances and voice over work. She actually appeared in "A Perfect Day for Banana Fish" with Bob Hope before pursuing television. She was cast as Vicki the robot and played her for the entire four season run of the show. After it ended she did a few more parts but then decided that she was going to take a different path.

She went to Westmont College in California and graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology. She also went back to school again to become a registered nurse and now works in Boulder, Colorado. This is what she looks like now that she no longer has to pretend to be a robot!

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