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Will & Grace Reunion Rumors Justified With Release Of A New Scene Of The Hit Show

It's been ten years since the hit show Will & Grace went off the air, but that doesn't mean the people involved don't still love each other. The four stars of the show had an informal reunion and let us all witness it through social media. They look a little bit different than they used to but the chemistry they had on screen continues through the collection of Instagram pictures they all posted throughout the evening.


Plenty of hugs and kisses were involved as the cast mates enjoyed their reunion as much as we did. Debra Messing and Eric McCormack fell right back into each others arms as if no time had passed.

Grace and Karen still love each other so much they traded hair colors!


But what got fans into a frenzie were some other images that were shared that made us wonder it was a little bit more than old friends getting together.


The script says Hot Food and the only hints we had are these images of names tweeted by Megan Mullally who played Karen Walker, and Sean Hayes who was jack McFarlane.

They truly did deliver! The cast reunited to discuss the ever present issue of the American election. In a scene that lasts about ten minutes they step back into their iconic roles perfectly and discuss the benefits of their chosen candidates. They are trying to help undecided Jack pick who to vote for and while his reasoning is a bit off the message is important. They want everyone to get out there and vote. Check out the video below and see what it would be like if this show was still on the air today. *Bonus points to Rosario for her cameo. She was always so wonderful.*