You Can Finally Go Back To The Future With These Self-Lacing Shoes

In 1989, when Marty McFly first put on his pair of self-lacing Nike shoes, the world was changed forever. Since their appearance in Back to the Future Part II, shoe lovers everywhere have been waiting desperately for the real world to catch up with science fiction.

In the past Nike has tried to live up to the hype with limited release of the Nike Air Mag, but if you weren't lucky enough to snag one of the 89 pairs released, the new Nike HyperAdapt 1.0s are your first chance to give up tying your laces forever.

Watch as Kegan and Kate from TechSmartt unbox and try on a pair of these hot new shoes:

Pretty fancy right? There's no denying it would be impressive to buy a pair of shoes that come with a charging cable, but the $720 price tag would give almost anyone a bad case of sticker shock.

Plus Kate says that the shoes lace up so tight they feel like a "blood pressure machine," so maybe we should all wait for the technology to catch up with our imaginations.

The shoes are manually adjustable, and according to Nike's website they will stay fully charged for weeks, but be warned that these shoes are not water resistant. We don't know what would happen if you stepped in a puddle, but you probably don't want to pay $720 to find out.

If you want to get your own pair, you can buy them right now by appointment at certain Nike stores in Los Angeles, Chicago, and other major cities.

What do you think? Do these shoes measure up to Marty's?