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You Know Who You Gonna Call, But You Don't Know These 10 Facts About Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters is one of the greatest movies of the 80s, or perhaps of all time. It is one of those universally loved films that just gets better with age. Sure they have remade it into a cartoon or even a new live action, but the original movie that started it all was truly unique.

There were a lot of talented actors on the set, a lot of inside jokes, and a lot of things you didn't know. Check out these fascinating facts about one of your favorite movies, they are guaranteed to make you love it even more.

1. The original premise had a different cast completely, including Eddie Murphy and John Belushi

The script was originally written with Muphy, Belushi and Dan Akroyd in mind to play the Ghostbusters. They were originally using a wand while wearing a S.W.A.T. style suit, but after Belushi passed away and Murphy backed out, the script was rewritten into the gem you know it as today.

2. Harold Ramis originally didn't want to be in the movie

He wrote the script, but he wasn't interested in starring in it until he realized that the character of Dr. Egon Spengler would be best portrayed by him.

3. Winston was originally a bigger role

Winston, played by Ernie Hudson, was originally a much bigger part. But the rewrite that took place after Eddie Murphy dropped out reduced the role so they could better flesh out Bill Murray's character.

Hudson wishes that he got to do more in the movie, he said "I love the character and he's got some great lines, but I felt the guy was just kind of there. I love the movie, I love the guys. I'm very thankful to Ivan for casting me. I'm very thankful that fans appreciate the Winston character. But it's always been very frustrating-kind of a love/hate thing, I guess."

4. The "marshmallow goo" was just shaving cream

But they used so much of it it nearly knocked the actor to the ground. They say that it was apparently about 75 pounds or 50 gallons that was dumped on him.

5. The terror dogs are based on real statues

These dogs can actually be found on a church in Philadelphia.

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6. The prison that they filmed the jail scene in has been said to be haunted

Apparently all of their dailies had scratches all over them without explanation.

7. The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man was very expensive to make

It cost around $20,000 per suit. They made three of them while filming, all of which were destroyed.

8. Bill Murray only agreed to do this movie if they would make another movie for him to star in

He wanted Columbia to remake The Razor's Edge with him as the star. They actually did make the movie and released it in the same year as Ghostbusters.

9. Slimer had a fun little inside joke surrounding him

Dan Aykroyd referred to him as the ghost of John Belushi.

10. Apparently almost none of the scenes went as planned

A lot of the scenes ended up being improvised. Bill Murray in particular is said to have the most improvised lines in the movie.

Can you believe it's been 33 years since this movie came out? Still holds up! You should absolutely watch it tonight to celebrate!