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10 Facts About Everybody Loves Raymond That Will Have You Falling In "Love" Again

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Whether you loved him or hated him, Ray Romano starred as Ray Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond for nine seasons, for a total of 210 episodes. Ray Barone was a successful sports writer who was married with three children. He lives across the street from his parents and older brother which is where most of the show's plot points originate from.

Anyone who has even seen just one episode of the show knows this, but there was a lot going on behind the scenes that you had no idea about. Let's look at 10 facts that you didn't know about Everybody Loves Raymond.

1. Brad Garrett wasn't always a fan of Ray.

Brad Garrett was the massive man who played Ray's brother Robert for all nine seasons. He wrote a tell-all book in 2015 in which he explained that it took him a while to warm up to Ray, and thought the show was doomed from the get-go.

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2. Heaton and Boyle would argue for real on set.

Patricia Heaton who played Ray's wife Debra, and Peter Boyle who played Ray's father Frank would often argue real world politics on set. Heaton as a conservative and Boyle as a liberal, it made for some tense moments for other cast members. All would be well in the end, with Heaton attending Boyle's funeral.


3. Ray hated the show's name.

The show's name, Everybody Loves Raymond actually came about because Ray's real brother made a comment about it and it just kind of stuck. Years later Ray would admit that he didn't like the name and would have preferred if the producers went in a different direction with it.

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4. Peter Boyle's audition went "perfectly."

Anyone who was watched even a single episode of the show knows that Ray's father Frank is a crotchety old man, and his audition couldn't have been better set up if he tried. When he got to the studio, the gate guards wouldn't let him in at first. Then he couldn't find a spot to park, and then he couldn't find the right building. By the time he made it to where he had to be, he was in the perfect mood for this particular role.


5. Ray was the highest paid actor on television.

In 2003, when Ray signed a new deal with the producers of the show, it was worth $50 million, earning him roughly $1.7 million per episode. At the time he was earning more money than anyone from the cast of Friends.

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6. Peter Boyle was a fart machine.

In Brad Garrett's tell-all book, he wrote a section that said that Peter Boyle would constantly fart while on set. And these apparently weren't innocent little farts, they were awful. Garrett was quoted as saying, "he gave farts a bad name," and "they were something we all had to learn to live with."


7. Heaton's father was name dropped a few times.

Ray played a successful sports writer, and it turns out that Heaton's real father was just that. He wrote for The Cleveland Plain Dealer for 50 years. He was apparently so good at his job, that Heaton would occasionally mention him during filming as a rival to her husband within the show's plot line. There is even an award named after Chuck Heaton which is given to a writer who emphasizes sensitivity and humility to go along with talent.


8. Ray's sons had there names changed.

In the pilot episode, Ray's twin sons were named Matthew and Gregory after his real life kids. But Ray got nervous about naming the characters after his own family and had the names changed to Michael and Jeffrey for the remainder of the series.


9. Heaton had to hide her pregnancies during taping.

Patricia Heaton actually got pregnant twice while starring on the show. The producers had to get creative with how the filmed things, and they always made sure that there were objects or baggy clothing concealing Heaton's size from the television audience.


10. Why the show was eventually finished.

Sometimes its about ratings, or one of the show's stars suddenly decides to call it quits, but that wasn't the case for Everybody Loves Raymond. Philip Rosenthal was asked why the show was cancelled during a 2011 interview, and his answer was simple, "We ran out of ideas." He also added, "There was a level we felt that we did not go below. And we wanted to leave before we hit that level.”

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