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Never-Before-Seen Photos Of Young Kris Jenner Go Viral As Her Ex Opens Up About Their Relationship

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Kristen Mary Houghton, now famously known as Kris Jenner and star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, could have never dreamed of reaching the success she's achieved today.

As a 22-year-old flight attendant dating a photographer, she posed for a series of fashion shots in what looks like a start to a possibly successful modeling career.

The 62-year-old mother of six children didn't start out rich and famous. Kris first met Robert Kardashian when she was only a teenager, but they didn't start dating until a few years later.

They dated for a while until Robert broke up with her to pursue a relationship with Priscilla Presley. During that time, Kris worked as a junior flight attendant for American Airlines.

Priscilla dumped Robert a year later, and then he tied the knot with Kris in 1978.

A year before that in 1977, Kris dated professional photographer, Alfred M. Garcia, who shot dozens of modeling photos of her around La Jolla and Mission Bay, California.

Alfred sensed something great in her, and once they broke up, their relationship didn't end there...

Kris was a store clerk at the age of 19 in 1974.Daily Mail

Alfred said that Kris "was always looking for the gold at the end of the rainbow."

"Kris was always going out with people with means and money. She always had her eyes set on the end of the rainbow. She was always looking for something grander. She never told me that, but I could tell she was always looking for something really great to come along. I was just a young kid working on trying to be a photographer. But we hit it off. We went out and always got along," he said.

All that was possible once she wed the wealthy lawyer, but that didn't mean Alfred was out of the picture. For her lavish wedding, Kris hired her ex-boyfriend to take photographs.

"We just had a relationship where we maybe kissed and got affectionate, but nothing very heavy."

Here are more pictures Alfred took of Kris while they were together.

While Kris and Alfred's relationship seems to have ended amicably, her 22 year marriage to Bruce Jenner didn't end so well.

The pair filed for separation in 2013 and since then there's been a nonstop deluge of salacious stories about the pair. Bruce famously transitioned to Caitlyn Jenner and has been outspoken about her relationship with Kris.

She claimed Kris knew she was transgendered and never supported her, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. She claims that she delayed her transition out of fear that Kris or other members of the Kardashian family would leak the information to the press.

Considering the Kardashian family history that claim isn't unrealistic, but what is more far-fetched is the bombshell proclamation that Kris Jenner knew O.J. Simpson was guilty.

Robert Kardashian was one of Simpson's "Dream Team" defense attorneys and was instrumental in getting him acquitted of the brutal murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and her boyfriend Ron Goldman.

There are several eerie photos of Kris and OJ, including some taken by her ex Alfred. Rumors have put Kris in OJ's bed for years, with many claiming he's the true father of Khloe Kardashian.


Caitlyn recalls Kris on the phone with Nicole just weeks before she was murdered.

“He says he’s going to kill me and get away with it because he’s O.J. Simpson,” Nicole told Kris, according to Caitlyn. “At the time, she brushed it off and was like, ‘Come on, please, please, please.' But unfortunately, it was right.”

She said they all knew OJ was guilty, but never thought he was going to get away with it.

“We were in [prosecutor] Marcia Clark’s office at the courthouse when the verdict came down,” Caitlyn recalled. “Kris turned around and looked at me and said, ‘You know, we should have listened to Nicole. She was right from the beginning.'”

With Caitlyn a constant source of headlines disparaging the Kardashian family it's not strange that she's drifted away from the famous family, but Kris and her daughters seem closer than ever.

Which of her daughters looks most similar to the television personality? Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian arguably look most like her!

I find her pretty annoying but you can't deny she's business savvy and smart.

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