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10 Fast Food Mascots From Your Childhood You Completely Forgot About

Nothing was better then going to get some delicious french fries at McDonald's or the most awesome pizza at Pizza Hut when we were kids, but what made them extra special? The mascots!


Every commercial and piece of marketing for fast food places or kids restaurants seemed to be targeted at kids. They use flashy commercials and kids meals with toys to make us all super excited to go eat those tiny cheeseburgers. How many of those mascots do you remember from your childhood?

The Burger King- Kids Club

Pizza Hut - Pizza Head

Dominos -The Noid

A&W - Great Root Bear

Taco Bell - Chihuahua

There are even more crazy mascots you completely forgot about, click to the next page to see the rest!

Quiznos - SpongMonkey

Arby's - Oven Mitt

Mister Softee (On ice cream trucks)

McDonalds - The whole gang

Chuck-E-Cheese - Chuck

How many of these do you remember? Share in the comments which one you thought was the strangest!