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10 Hilariously Accurate Alternate Titles To Every Book They Forced You To Read In School

Everybody remembers the hours they spent slaving away in school, having to read, and then write about, books that they couldn't have cared less about. Hell, I actually loved reading as a kid and a teenager, but I'll be damned if I didn't loathe every minute I had to spend reading Brave New World.

Thankfully, it seems like we're not alone. The Online Pen Company have compiled artistic depictions of "classic" books that, if they were honest, would actually have titles something like this. They even included cute little Penguin Books renditions of their plots! These were some of our personal favorites.

War And Peace

The Online Pen Company

I've still never forgiven my teacher for assigning this over the Christmas break that one year...

The Great Gatsby

The Online Pen Company

It sure did buy him a lot of other things though.

The Wind In The Willows

The Online Pen Company

Seriously, did anything even really happen in this book? All I remember is a toad, a mole, a rat and a badger drinking tea and discussing quaint things.

Death of a Salesman

The Online Pen Company

I'm pretty sure I still don't understand what the hell Miller was going on about with this one.

If you think those are hilariously accurate, wait 'til you see the rest!

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

The Online Pen Company

Honestly I'd really rather just watch the movie. The book doesn't have Gene Wilder in it...

Heart of Darkness

The Online Pen Company

I really, REALLY don't understand why people think highschoolers can understand this book.

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

The Online Pen Company

Seriously! They let kids read this thing?!


The Online Pen Company

That's about as much as I can remember about the book in all honesty.

Great Expectations

The Online Pen Company

Charles Dickens isn't all that bad, but how can a book about revenge be this boring?

And of course, 1984.

The Online Pen Company

Nailed it.

How would you sum up a book you were forced to read in school?