You Know His Books, But Here Are 6 Things You Didn't Know About Shel Silverstein

There are some books that just last for generations, and are loved no matter when they are read. Shel Silverstein has created so many of these books. His ability to tell a sweet story in just a sweet poem or short book is practically unparalleled. He is still one of the best children's authors (at least in my opinion) but there is a lot more to him than that. Whether you were a fan of The Giving Tree, Falling Up, or any of the other books he released over the years, you may not have realized that his career didn't


Goosebumps Author Teams Up With Marvel To Create A New Comic Series

The author of everyone's childhood nightmares, R.L. Stine, has made the announcement that Marvel has asked him to team up and pen a comic book series! In an "Ask Me Anything" thread, Stine answered questions from fans, including one very important one: "Have you ever considered writing for comic books?" His answer surprised his fans, when he replied "I'm writing a series of comic books for Marvel - my first comics ever. But I'm not allowed to talk about them yet."What an announcement to try to sneak in a busy Reddit post! Marvel is fairly well known for


Get Excited: A New Roald Dahl Clothing Line Is Here

Roald Dahl books are such a classic part of every kids' childhood. They were full of whimsy, love, and imagination. They provided an incredible escape into a fantasy land during a time where we didn't have technology to distract us. In a genius act of invention, Boden clothing brand has partnered with Dahl's literary estate to create a clothing line inspired by his iconic books. Unfortunately for us, the clothing is currently only in children's sizing. But if you have little ones yourself, or your friends have some cute kids to spoil, then you can take it to a whole


The "Best Bear In All The World" Gets A New Friend For His 90th Birthday

Winnie the Pooh turns 90 years old today and gets to celebrate with a new friend!  A new anthology titled "The Best Bear in All the World" has been released in honor of the classic children's series anniversary and a new character has made their way to the "Hundred Acre Wood". Penguin has joined Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tiger and Eeyore in their adventures with their friend Christopher Robin. The story that will feature Pooh's new buddy is called "Winter: In which Penguin arrives in the Forest". Just like Winnie the Pooh himself, Penguin is based on the real


Harry Potter Themed Make Up Palettes Will Have You Wanting To Spend All The Galleons

Before you get too excited, they aren't available yet. Disapointing I know, I didn't realize that until it was too late and now I am very sad. But, it's always a possibility right? JK Rowling has given us books, movies, websites, video games, theme parks, trips to Hogwarts, and more, so why couldn't she let us have some beauty products with a magical touch? These palettes were a mock up created by Spellsandstars on Reddit and Harry Potter fans were really disapointed that these weren't available yet.        GiphyThe creator calls it "a different spin on fan-art"


Drop Everything! The Patronus Test Is Live On Pottermore!

That's right Potter fans, the test we have all been waiting for is finally available! You can now find out what your Patronus would be. Obviously very important to know in case you need to fight some dementors or send a message to your wizard friends. J.K Rowling has been teasing Potter fans about the potential of a Patronus quiz since Pottermore first started, and when the redesign happened a lot of people thought it might be available sooner. Well, it took a while but here we are, ready to find out what our special protector will be! The


You'll Soon Be Able To Get 'The Baby-Sitter's Club' With Their Original Covers

There are a few books that just scream childhood. Sweet Valley High was always a staple, Goosebumps were basically required reading, and then of course The Baby-Sitter's Club was crucial. There were always new adventures for The Baby-Sitter's Club to go on, but obviously we all had our favorites. Rumors started swirling about a new Baby-Sitter's Club TV show a little while ago, and while we were excited about it, there's something just extra special about the original books. Luckily for us, Scholastic realized this and has decided to make something for those of us who are feeling a little


You Can Buy The Original Sweet Valley High Books From The 80s Again And We're Psyched

You remember all those Sweet Valley High books that you read 600 times while you were in middle school and high school? Well, someone has found a way to bring them back exactly as you remember them. Yes, you can still buy new versions of the books in most stores, but you've got to admit that there is nothing as satisfying as seeing those original covers with the Wakefield twins we remember from our childhood on the cover. These teen novels were what all of us were obsessed with, but unfortunately as we got older, a lot of us ended