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10 Inappropriate Jokes In Kids' Cartoons They Thought You Wouldn't Catch

Just about every kid ends up growing up on cartoons, often to the dismay of the parents who are forced to watch them with their children. Sometimes though, the networks that make a concession to the adults in the room by throwing in some moments that'll have them laughing while their kids sit there confused. Here's some of our favorites!

1) Hey Arnold! - Grandpa's Past


Grandpa Joe is one of the best characters on Hey Arnold! Between his often ridiculous advice to his grandson and his crazy stores about his past (he claims to have fought Adolf Hitler hand to hand in one episode), he's always good for a laugh. One time though, a particular crazy story just seemed a bit too real.

We Know Memes

Yes, that is most likely an LSD reference. In a kids show. Yeesh.

2) Animaniacs - Fingerprints

The Toast

One of the most beloved cartoons of all time, Animaniacs had no shortage of adult humor hidden amongst the wacky shenanigans. I mean, they routinely feature three pigeons based on the cast of Goodfellas.

Animaniacs Wikia

During one sketch in particular though, things really got out of hand. Look at what happens when they Warner siblings try to be detectives.

Movie Pilot

How did they get away with this?

3) Rugrats - Lonely Space Vixens


Nickelodeon really seemed to love their hilarious grandfather characters, and Lou Pickles was no exception. Tommy's grandfather often liked to break the rules for his grandson and friends, and his perpetual falling asleep meant the babies could pretty much get away with anything.


One time though, he might have been just a little too ready to share his... personal habits with a group of one year olds.


If you didn't catch that even now, Lou is essentially telling his one year old grandson and his best friend that he's rented porn to watch after they go to bed.

4) Dexter's Laboratory - Dad's Trophy


When Dexter's sister Dee Dee sends him on a scavenger hunt to find the nuclear core she stole from his lamp, he ends up at their neighbor's house. There, he finds his final clue, presented in an... unusual spot.

Dexter's Laboratory Wiki

Even taken within context (which is just about impossible here), how did Dee Dee manage to write this clue on Neighbor Lady's butt without her noticing?

5) Batman: The Animated Series - "Rev Up Your Harley"

The Nerdist

One of the most beloved and darkest cartoons of all time, Batman: The Animated Series gave birth to one of DC's most popular characters: Harley Quinn.


The Joker's sidekick and love interest has remained consistently popular over the years, and their relationship is often talked about when discussing depictions of abuse in popular media.

The Nerdist

During an episode that focuses primarily on their relationship, we get a much more personal insight into their dynamic.

Yes, this is a moment where Harley not so subtly asks The Joker for some sweet lovin, complete with her in a skimpy nightgown. The rest of the episode might be pretty dark, but this definitely put a dynamic into it we didn't totally understand as kids.

The Nerd Recites

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6) The Simpsons - Fuzzy Bunny's Guide To You Know What


The Simpsons might not be intended as a kids program, but if you were a child of the 90s, you almost definitely grew up watching the show (whether your parents wanted you to or not).

Simpsons Wiki

Early on in the series, Milhouse begins to date Samantha, a new girl who shows up at the school. Appropriately enough, Mrs. Krabappel soon shows them this educational video on... urges.

The cheesy music and Mrs. K's reaction during the "honeymoon" part are too funny.

7) The Emperor's New Groove - Dagger Relief


When Kuzco and Pacha are trying to find the potion to turn Kuzco back into a human, they're cornered by Yzma, who threatens them in a way that really, REALLY toes the line in terms of what Disney can get away with.

It's not the only adult moment in this movie, but it definitely sticks out the most. The look of relief on their faces is priceless

8) Powerpuff Girls - Pencil Sharpener


When the Mayor of Townsville gets a visit from Ms. Bellum, it leads to this little double-entendre.

Just look at the man's face!


9) X-Men - Gambit's Flirting


The Cajun thief who threw explosive playing cards was also an incorrigible flirt, especially whenever Rogue was involved. Most of the time, his advances were fairly tame.


Sometimes though, he probably crossed a line more than we realized.


Dude, that's a bit too forward.

10) Rocko's Modern Life - All of It


Seriously, find me a part of this show that wasn't inappropriate. It's so much so there's an entire video on the subject.


How did they even get away with this stuff?

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