15 Theme Songs That You Absolutely Still Have Stuck In Your Head

Watching TV after school or on Saturday mornings was pretty much the highlight of your week. Finding that show that just captivated you completely was the best feeling in the world. The shows will probably stick out in your memory forever, especially the theme song. They always did such an amazing job making songs that could just embed themselves deep in your mind and then latch on as if they are some kind of melody leech. See how many you remember! There is something for everyone, see if you can find the shows from your childhood below! 1. FlintstonesYou knew


8 Of The Best Shows From One Saturday Morning That We Still Miss Watching

As a kid, there was nothing more important than Saturday morning cartoons. Specifically the set of programming we all know and loved that was called One Saturday Morning. It was by far the best programming on TV and there was something for everyone. You want some elementary school kids fighting over hierarchy in the playground? They had it. You want middle school kids living their weekend life? Absolutely there! Even if you want some new original Disney shows based on your favorite content, those were there too! It literally had everything you could ever want. There were of course a


No One Remembers This Mario TV Show, But It Might Be The Strangest Thing Ever Made

No one seems to remember this bizarre piece of television history. Everyone who I have ever asked about this show denies that it existed, but obviously it was a real thing because I am not capable of making it up, it's too weird. Maybe people are just trying to forget it because of how awful it was? What show am I talking about? The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! And yes, the exclamation point is part of the title. The show only lasted one season, but wow did it ever leave an impression (on those who haven't blocked it out)


Someone Drew The Doug Cast As Adults And It's A Lot

Doug was one of the greatest cartoons of the 90s. Doug Funnie was a huge part of most 90s kids childhoods and the whole gang holds such a special place in our hearts. Have you ever wondered what they would look like now? Artist Isaiah Stephens has done a bunch of these modern re-imaginings that will really bring the nostalgic feelings right to the surface. Whether he is giving you a glimpse into the Rugrats future, or Doug Funnie and his friends,  you're going to leave you missing One Saturday Morning! Doug Funnie and PorkchopSkeeter ValentinePattie MayonnaiseRoger KlotzNed CaupheeWillie


13 Cartoons From The 80s We Couldn't Have Lived Without

The 80s were a great decade. The movies, the clothes, and the music of this era all remain iconic to this day. But the most impressive form of entertainment this decade was definitely the cartoons. These were the years when television cartoons finally began to catch up with animated films, and 80s kids had a smorgasbord of high quality cartoons to enjoy. This list includes some of our favorite shows from the decades, and we think they all hold up pretty well. Check out the full list and let us know if we missed your favorite!1. Muppet BabiesThis show


For Your Big Fat Information, 'Stickin Around' Turns 20 This Year

Could this simultaneously be the most forgotten and most loved show of the 90s? It's entirely possible. Stickin' Around had arguably the best theme song of any 90s cartoon and I'm willing to physically fight anyone who disagrees. The show first aired in August of 1996, making it a ripe 20 years old this year. In case you wanted to feel ancient.Stickin' Around followed Stacy and Bradley, a couple of BFFs who just wanted to have a good time. They use their imagination and their impeccable drawing ability to go on adventures and overcome any obstacles they face: bullies,


10 Futuristic Gadgets From 'The Jetsons' That We Actually Have Today

When you were a kid watching The Jetsons, you probably found yourself saying "I wish I had that." They had robot maids, jet packs, and basically everything you could ever hope for, but it all felt like it was stuff that was so far in the future that we would never get to experience it. However, looking back at all those things we thought were sooooo cool when we were kids, a lot of them are actually available in one way or another. It's crazy how many things seem totally normal to us now, but even just 30 years ago