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10 Reasons Steve Martin Is The Greatest Comedian of Our Time

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Steve Martin is one of the biggest comedy legends to have ever crossed the stage or screen. He has made so many classic performances that have completely captured our attention, whether it was with stand-up comedy, his appearances on SNL or in any of his amazing movies.


The actor has been around for quite some time, and his life is absolutely fascinating. He has had a pretty interesting career and even though people know a lot of his work, they don't actually know much about the man himself.

Here are 10 super interesting facts to help you get to know your favorite actor a little better!

1. He appeared on 'The Dating Game' twice

He wore the same suit both times he was on the show, and actually won both times!

2. His father reviewed his first SNL appearance


He wasn't a fan of Martin's comedy skits and said in a review for the Newport Beach Association of Realtors newsletter that Martin's "performance did nothing to further his career". He later felt terrible about it, but can you imagine reading that your father hated your job THAT much?

3. In one episode of SNL he hosted there was a fire that prevented the dress rehersal


The entire cast and crew had to be evacuated for a small fire in one of the other studios which prevented them from doing the dress rehearsal. Despite this, he insisted that they would be fine and went on anyways.

4. He was a cheerleader in high school

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He refers to it as a 'yellleader' and claims that he would try to make up his own cheers that didn't go over as well as he'd hoped.

5. He also worked at Disneyland

It was actually his very first job. he sold guidebooks at first, then eventually started in the Magic Shop on Main Street.

Did you realize that he also has a lot of other talents outside of acting?

6. He is part of a successful bluegrass band

He plays the banjo in the band called The Steep Canyon Rangers and performs with them regularly.

7. He did all of his own rope tricks in '¬°Three Amigos!'

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He learned the tricks while working at Disneyland and was able to use them later in his career. Martin used it not only in '¬°Three Amigos!', but in other films as well, including the TV special called 'The Winds of the Whoopee'.

8. He didn't sign autographs, but instead he gave out business cards

Probably saved him a lot of time!

9. He surprised his close friends Tom Hanks, Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy with a wedding

He invited his closest friends over to his house for a dinner party, but then surprised them all with a wedding to his longtime girlfriend Ann Stringfield.

10 He became a dad for the first time at 67

The now 72-year-old actor is father to a daughter who he does his best to keep out of the spotlight.

Which Steve Martin movie is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!