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10 School Supplies Your Parents Always Told You Not To Waste Your Money On

School could be a less than fun experience sometimes, and it was always worse whenever someone in your class had much better supplies than you did. While we were stuck with pens our parents took from hotels, or pencils that had been worn down to a nub, all the rich kids got to have these 10 items that made us feel like we were lame.

Man, remember white-out? I just had to scratch out my mistakes with pen.


Even more fancy were those white-out rollers that you could use to cover up entire lines (or in the case of the rich kids, write things on your binders).


How about those "reinforcements" that you could use to fix ripped holes on pages?


Gel pens were super colorful, and super expensive.


These next few things were the Mercedes Benz of school supplies...

White erasers were so, SO much better than those terrible pink ones.


We all looked in envy at that rich kid whose calculator was super fancy and could write letters.


Five Star binders cost like three times as much, but at least they didn't fall apart after like three days.

Five Star

Seriously, who had the kind of money to spend on zip-up binders?!


Remember the first time you saw a mechanical pencil? I would dream of never having to sharpen a pencil again.

Gear Patrol

And of course, those folders with clear covers.


Were you rich enough to have any of these?