12 Celebridades Cuyos Hábitos de Higiene Son Honestamente Repugnantes

Cuando pensamos en las celebridades, pensamos en personas que viven estilos de vida lujosas. Rara vez pensamos en ellos como personas que no se bañan, no se cepillan los dientes y no descargan el inodoro.Y, sin embargo, aquí estamos, listos para hacer una profunda inmersión en los hábitos repugnantes de celebridades que existen, pero que realmente no deberían.1. Brad Pitt se Baña Con Toallitas Para BebésNils Sautter - FlickrPitt puede parecer que huele bien, pero eso es poco cierto. Según el padre de seis hijos, sólo usa toallitas húmedas para bebés cuando no tiene tiempo para bañarse. "Tengo


40 Celebrity Prom Photos That Are More Embarrassing Than Your Own

Graduating seniors celebrate by getting all dressed up and dancing the night away with their peers for the last time.It's a night to remember, which is why dozens of photos are taken at prom.  But I'm sure there are some celebrities who wish their prom photos were never leaked online. If you thought your prom photos were awkward, you've seen nothing yet...1. Barack Obama TimeThese four look like they had a grand time at their senior prom. They're draped in leaves and flowers, which means one thing - this photo was taken at a high school in


13 Celebrities Whose Hygiene Habits Are Honestly Revolting

When we think of celebrities, we think of people who live lavish lifestyles and who are always put together. Rarely do we think of them as people who don't shower, don't brush their teeth, and don't flush the toilet. And yet, here we are, ready to do a deep dive into the gross celebrity habits that exist but really shouldn't. 1. Brad Pitt Washes With Baby WipesNils Sautter - FlickrPitt may LOOK like he smells good, but that's only true some of the time. According to the father of six, he just uses baby wipes when he doesn't have time


The First Animal You See Says A Lot About Your Personality

When you look at this image, what is the first animal you see? PLAYBRAINEveryone sees something different, and it says something about you as a person. What did you see? The animal you saw might be your spirit animal, the one who guards you and guides you through thick and thin throughout your life. After you read the explanation about your choice, you can also take the quiz to see if it matches your vision.OwlPlayBrainIf you saw the owl, you often find yourself reflecting on your inner self, taking alone time to figure out your next step. You should


23 Years After The Trial Of The Century, Here's What O.J. Simpson's Kids Are Up To Today

When former football star O.J Simpson allegedly killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, he did not just claim the lives of two innocent people. He also robbed his two youngest children, daughter Sydney Brooke Simpson and son Justin Ryan Simpson, of their mother and a normal childhood.The lives of his older children with first wife, Marguerite Whitley, Arnelle and Jason, were also dramatically altered. (O.J. and Marguerite's third child, Aaren Lashone, tragically drowned in the family's pool shortly before her second birthday.)And no, Khloe Kardashian is not his child. Global GrindLife


How A Wild Affair With Her 13-Year-Old Stepson Ruined An Oscar-Winning Actress's Career

In the mid-1940s, Gloria Grahame was the talk of town, and for all the right reasons. The actress had her start in theater, but her talent and hard-work helped her land major roles in some of the biggest films at the time. She made her silver screen debut in the 1944 film in Blonde Fever, then two years later, she appeared in It's a Wonderful Life as the flirtatious Violet Bick. By her third film, Crossfire (1947), she was in the running for the coveted Oscar. Best Movies by FarrFilm noir sirenDespite her critically-acclaimed performances and the box-office success of


Princess Charlotte Set To Make History When The Third Royal Baby Arrives

Prince William and Kate Middleton's second child, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, is only two years old, but her charm has no bounds.From saying her first words in public while on a Royal Tour with her parents, to upstaging her aunt Pippa Middleton, at her own wedding, Charlotte is already stealing all the attention away from the other members of the royal family.'s even a pub in Colchester, Essex that's been named after her! This makes her the youngest royal to ever receive this honor. Earlier this year, after it was announced that the princess will be


Incredible Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Show The Difference Special Effects Make

Technology is really amazing. When I was a kid, we were still using puppets and men in suits to make movie monsters. Now, they're all made on the computer.In fact, a surprising amount of what you see on a movie screen is added in after filming wraps. And photos from the set show just how different things look in real life:Life of PiNot as cuddly in person.20th Century FoxNo surprise here, cats hate bath time. 20th Century Fox20th Century Fox20th Century FoxAlice In WonderlandWalt Disney StudiosWalt Disney StudiosWalt Disney StudiosWalt Disney StudiosWalt Disney StudiosWalt Disney StudiosPirates of

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England's T20 World Cup Squad: Team Analysis, Winner Odds

The ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2024 is just around the corner, and cricket fans everywhere are undoubtedly focused on the tournament's defending champions, England. Surely, they’re looking to make history with a back-to-back win. But in a format as unpredictable as T20, we all know that anything can happen.  So, whether you’re curious to know how the team might be performing this year because you’re a massive fan, or you need to know the latest odds for betting, be ready because we’ll be taking a closer look at all that in this article.England’


Never-Before-Seen Photos Of Young Kris Jenner Go Viral As Her Ex Opens Up About Their Relationship

Kristen Mary Houghton, now famously known as Kris Jenner and star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, could have never dreamed of reaching the success she's achieved today. As a 22-year-old flight attendant dating a photographer, she posed for a series of fashion shots in what looks like a start to a possibly successful modeling career. In Touch WeeklyThe 62-year-old mother of six children didn't start out rich and famous. Kris first met Robert Kardashian when she was only a teenager, but they didn't start dating until a few years later. They dated for a while until Robert broke up